29 January, 2013

Regrets are mistakes that memories make

这是我喜欢的英文歌曲《Someone Like You》中的歌词。







That's the line from one of my favorite songs "Someone Like You".

I was reminded of the song because of the F.I.R. concert last weekend. And everytime it comes to my mind, it's always this line.

But it's only today that I truly understand what it meant.

Sometimes we look back at our lives and wonder - did we give up too fast? Did we leave too early? Should we look back then?

We have regrets, because our memories make the mistake of forgetting the reason that led to our decisions.

Some couples break up and patch up time and time again, because they get hurt too easily, and forget what caused their pain too quickly. Every time they start over and fight, they are reminded of why they broke up in the first place. The reason they felt regret was because they forgot why they fought in the first place.

There's nothing worth regretting.