20 February, 2013

新年来咯!Happy CNY! Part ONE

Chinese New Year came and left pretty quick, even though we had a special long holiday over the weekend till Tuesday. After being so used to being alone at home, it was a nice feeling to have everyone around and hear all the noise at home.

As Kimjioon was leaving for Holland at the end of January, we had an early reunion dinner + gathering, so that he can be part of the party. (:

He bought a Tefal hot plate, which finally came into use, aside from the two steamboats we had that night.

Kimjioon and I ended up spending most of our time at the grilling station to cook all the awesome food for everyone! There were Teriyaki Chicken, salmon, streaky bacon, back bacon, hotdogs, satay, etc.

The feast ended with a vegetarian Yusheng, and a family photo. This is the first time we took a photo together like this, as far as I remember.

OH! A tip for people like me who can't eat spicy stuff - 

Sometimes it's inevitable that you eat spicy stuff in Yusheng, so what you can do is to make sure that you include a biscuit (the one in Yusheng!) in EVERY bite, and somehow it would neutralize the chilli/ginger strips! It works!

Not to mention, Yusheng is one of those rare messy dishes that I eat. And enjoy. :D

And some days after Kimjioon finally left for Holland, I followed my parents to a temple we've been going to for over ten years by now.

They were busy decorating for the Chinese New Year visits by followers.

So apparently some time ago, my mum was working there as a volunteer, and she came across someone who was comtemplating suicide. My momo was glad to be of help to her, but didn't think much of it.

So just before CNY, we received a call from the temple staff member, saying that the lady came again, and asked to pass a bag of CNY goodies with a thank you note for my mum.

It's nice to know that you can save someone's life. Also, good to know when people are grateful. =)

This being the year of snakes, the temple prepared a lot of cuddlies and goodies for the celebrations.

But... my #FirstWorldProblem was that the tentage was hot pink, and messed up all the colors in my photos. So I had to do a manual white balance on my camera under that lighting. Looked okay on camera, but when I came home... Still had to photoshop abit.

One of the main features of the temple decorations is that they always try to use authentic decors. Instead of normal plates, they'd try and find those authentic/vintage baskets, holders, etc. So for those elderly people who visit the temple, they'll find the decors nostalgic. 


Our original plan was to have a reunion dinner at our favourite vegetarian restaurant. Despite our effort to book a table weeks in advance, we were told that they were already fully booked. D=

But it goes to show just how AWESOME that restaurant is. I'll share more details and photos of that place later, because we went there for 初一 dinner afterall!

So Plan B, was to have reunion dinner in our home again! But this time around we had more experience and panicked less.

In hopes of getting the freshest ingredients, we ended up going NTUC just the night before reunion dinner... which turned out to be a terrible decision!!!

BECAUSE THE CROWD WAS CRAZY. It's almost as if a war's gonna take place and everyone is buying food ration in advance. The queue at the counters were crazy, plus the fact that many cashiers were closed because aunties had to take leave for their own reunion dinner preparations.

But anyway I headed to the frozen food section, only to realized that the satay chicken was sold out!! Not even pork!! All that's left was beef. T_T

Thank goodness though, we managed to get the raw Teriyaki Chicken and bacon, which saved us the trouble of food preparation like marination and stuff.

It's the same old grilling machine.. BUT!!

We haz the grease absorbent foil! Upgraded~~

The awesomez ABC steamboat broth...

My dad's favourite seafood and stuff.

Magua's favorite RUFFLES CHEDDAR!!

Last year it was sold out and out of stock WAAAAY before CNY!! So we were really elated to find a pack at the NTUC counter!!! =DDDD

Momo also fried some homemade dumplings... or whatever you call it. I have no idea.

Just before Magua's wifey's family arrived for the dinner, our Indian neighbours knocked on our door and gave us her homemade goodies! And the brownies, because her son's apparently striving to be a home baker. Previously he also made muffins for me elder bro, which was really nice of them!

One policy of HDB that made sense was to allocate apartments such that there's minority on our level. It's always nice when they drop by with their festive goodies, or we exchange presents during their celebrations.

Is it obvious that I've been learning some tricks of food photography? Hehe. At least I think my food photos are looking better lately. :D

Part of the credit goes to PINTEREST!!! 

Pinterest is my latest addiction, because there's so much to learn from the site! It's like.. blogging concised, twitter elaborated, instagram that's more meaningful and educational. 

And not surprisingly, we ended the reunion dinner with another round of Yusheng, this time prepared by my brother and his wifey. [I keep typing girlfriend, and then have to backspace and correct myself.]

Bro was daaamn high lah, keep adding a lot of pomelo bits. If you ever add it, please choose SOUR de pomelo so that it complements the dish! Don't choose sweet de hor!

Snapped the last picture above because it looked quite funny, everyone had the same pose, hahaha!

Before the smartphone era, we use to kaobeh because people are so fixated on TV and communicated less. Now, we're just glad when people would break away from their phones and watch TV together!

Is that considered a drop in standard? Hurhurhur.


Uh.. CNY was all about eating. =X Plus the fact that we don't have that many relatives to visit.

Dad drove us to the vegetarian restaurant that evening!

Me momo, all pretty and cheery. The lighting at Rio Vista roadside is really good for photography!

And then... Of course, the smartphone geeks start configuring and comparing different functions and whatnot, including my bro's wifey's momo.

We had to wait a little while for our food at the restaurant, so we had some fun taking photos, chatting and stuff. Bro's wifey's momo also whipped out her camera phone to take photo of me bro!

And if you notice, his hand is in that old school V-shape to "trim his face". HAHAHA!

Okay so here's the food at the VEGETARIAN restaurant! The snacks include a dish of peanuts and ah-char. But the ah-char was finished up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before I could get a snapshot!!

Vegetarian shark's Fin is my all-time favorite. Us three siblings always fight for it. Guilt-free [no animal abuse] and healthy [because I get to add a lot of vinegar!!!].

I can have this shark's fin for three meals, whole month in a row man. Damn awesomez. ^_^

Okay to be fair. The above dish supposedly look nice. But... it was messed up with a spoon.

Can't remember who, but it was SWAAAAAA!! slashed open before I could get the picture. So yeah. But you can see that the gravy looks good.

Despite being relatively-regular customers, there's always some new dish to try at the restaurant. The only dish I'd discourage would be fried cereal prawn because it's not their strongest dish.

So anyway, they recommended this fried prawn lychee dish that tastes good too. It's a really surprising combination, but very refreshing. LOVE!!

And here's the break down of what it comprises -

Now you see it.. now it's....

A little sad, because the portion is just nice, one per person. Another one of those dish I can eat consecutively for days.

Then the curry. *not interested* because I can't eat spicy stuff.

My butt says it is!! ...if you know what I mean. HAHAHA.

And to be adventurous, my brother ordered Tako. So basically it's made up of two layers. The bottom half is like our.. Nata de Coco. Then the top half is solid coconut pudding. It's very sweet la, and I'm not a big fan of it. 

And you know how it's not polite to not finish your food? So I secretly flip it over. So it looks like I finished it! *chuckles*

Also a bottom view if you want to learn how to fold it la hor.

Last desserts dish, my favorite!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this!!! Sad also, each person one bowl, so no photo of the huge bowl, and no refill for me. #FirstWorldPain

And here's the information of the vegetarian restaurant! 

282 Jalan Besar Singapore 208925

Please note ah.. There are some restaurants with similar names. But they are not as good. So don't go to the wrong place!

If you google that restaurant, you may find the other address at 153/155 Kitchener Road Singapore 208528.  Please note!! That's their previous outlet! They've moved to Jalan Besar!! So there's only ONE New Fut Kai restaurant!!

Okay. Going to blog the other half of this entry tomorrow! (: