28 February, 2013

Ah Boys To Men

My original plan was to post up Meet Up with BFFs Part TWO yesterday, but some stuff cropped up and I have to settle them these few days. 

Not to mention that I'm changing some things up for YOLOsg.com, so the encoding is taking abit of time, etc. 

So here's a quick post about Ah Boys To Men! Many people are elated that Jack Neo announced a part 3, but now that the lead guy went to Melbourne.. I hope they will get him back for it somehow. It's no fun when characters are changed in sequels. 

But I have to say... I sort of saw that coming. Because I watched their production videos on YouTube, and one of the actors, when commenting about ABTM2, said that ABTM1 is just the appetizer,

and he adds that...

So I wasn't too surprised at Jack Neo's announcement. Wouldn't even be surprised if they plan it.

To be fair, it would be very embarrassing if they announce 3-part movie and then flop right? So the way things worked out, it's only logical to keep it a hush.

Yeah. On a random note... Somehow the movie made me notice that Tosh guy. Kind of like him. And that hardcore who wants to be the best recruit.

He's not eyecandy, not anything, just.. his aura bah. Kind of cool.