24 February, 2013

Meet Up with BFFs! Part ONE


Meeting up with besties during my "depressions" is one of the best cure. Back in my younger days, I used to secretly compare if I have more friends than others. Much later on, I realized that quantity doesn't matter. What's important is having friends who are there for you when you need them.


February is the month of Valentine's Day! I also happen to chance upon a really cute Elmo card on Pinterest, so I made one for bestie myself.




Store-bought gifts are, in my opinion, not comparable to DIY gifts. So when I have enough time, I'd try to make something DIY for my friends, in this case, a blue day box.

I know that life hasn't been easy for her since uni life started, so I made her this in hope of making her smile whenever she feels down.

If you know someone who could do with a little spare happiness, try this! It's pretty simple!


To make this gift more practical, I added a paperclip so that she can clip some post-its or something.


The gift is a little small for the box, so I cut up the leftover paper into curly-wurlys as filler.


A simple box design!

后来我们约在一家日本经营的意大利餐馆,一起吃晚餐。起初吸引我的是虾沙拉,因为Delifrance和Suki Sushi都已经不卖这道了。另外,很多佳肴标的价都是NETT,比较没有1.17的心理负担。

还有!!在PizzaHut $3.90可以加汤和一杯汽水,在Saizeriya的$3.90,有一碗沙拉,还有自助站,添水添到你尿失禁~ 开玩笑啦。哈哈哈~ 为了面子问题,总是不喜欢一直麻烦服务员添水嘛,自助站最好了,添到神不知鬼不觉。

We met at a Saizeriya, a Japanese chain of Italian restaurant. The first thing that attracted my attention was their shrimp salad, because Delifrance and Suki Sushi have stopped selling my favorite prawn salad. Secondly, many prices stated in their menu are NETT prices, so there's no psychological pressure of 1.17.

ALSO!! For $3.90, you get a soup of the day and fizzy drink at Pizza Hut. At Saizeriya, I get a bowl of salad, as well as free flow of drinks at a self-service booth where you can get refills until your bladder bursts! Hahaha~ Usually in ATAS places where they say free flow.. You'll feel paiseh asking the waitress to refill. In this case, you can refill without anyone judging you!! Awesomez.


I have to say, though, their main feature dishes consist of bacon and beef. I ordered a chicken dish, one of the very few choices, and it's not bad too. The portion's right, and their side dish corn is also very very well-prepared! Goes to show how meticulous they are, not just with the main, but also the sidekicks.

以上是我的芝士鸡扒($6.90 NETT);以下是朋友的芝士香肠($3.90 NETT)。

The dish on top is my Cheese Chicken Steak ($6.90 NETT); The dish below is my friend's Cheese Chicken Sausage ($3.90 NETT).



I highly recommend this food outlet! I hope they don't close down anytime soon~~~

You can view their complete and humanly-comprehensible menu here - http://www.saizeriya.com.sg/our-menu/


Spotted this yellow bird from my window one day, and took a photo. Super cool!