25 February, 2013

My Anger with Vividoll

I was suppose to blog something really happy tonight, but... I think this is a matter I need to address. And also, let this be a warning to my friends who love blogshopping.

 (An important review, if you're considering buying from them.)

I saw this blogshop on Facebook ad some time before Chinese New Year.

To be honest, I was really impressed by their site and how clear their explanations are. They made it clear which are the in stocks and which ones are preorder, or whatever you call it.

So I made a purchase of three items from them, expecting to receive them in a week or so, in time for the festive break.

In-Stock? Maybe. We'll let you know if you bug us.

Days after my payment was confirmed, I did not receive any news from them. Being the first purchase, I was worried and decided to check with them about the status of my purchase. Only then did they tell me that oh two of the three items are out of stock. And, by the way, despite the CNY promotion, your items will not reach in time.

So for the first point, they are NOT reliable. Even if they say something is an in-stock on their site, maybe it isn't.

We'll send it, whether you like it or not.

I was asking them about refunding all items altogether, only to not receive any response. Some time later, they replied saying they can't cancel my last order and by-the-way, your item has been sent anyway.

I didn't appreciate they handle the situation, and my friend suggested that I refuse to sign the parcel when it arrives because I didn't have to. They sent it without my consent. I can, right?

But I didn't. Because I understand it's the peak season and it's going to cause them trouble.

To be fair, the item is okay.

Refund takes forever.. literally.

After the purchase, I was waiting for the refund. A staff member by the name of Nic emailed me asking for bank account number to "forward to our financial department".

No news after that. So I email again.

"Forward to our financial department again"

Email again.

No news.

Email again.

"it seems like you did not reply with your bank account details"

I DID. I have the screenshots. But they said sorry, so I sent it again anyway.

No news.

What's so difficult about a refund, really? I can understand if a blogshop takes forever to reply about an item exchange, or order status. But to actually take close to a MONTH for a refund?

True, it's probably a small sum. True, at least I received the item.

But I think it's their attitude problem and customer service that really infuriate me. I had to leave a message on their Facebook page, and of course, I expected them to delete it. But at least have the DECENCY to send a message to follow up on the matter.

No nothing.

Aside from another blogshop owner by the name of Mandy, vintage-bombshell scammer, this is probably one of the MOST infuriating, disappointing and horrible online shopping experience of mine to date.

I've shopped at tens of blogshops since secondary school days, so that is saying something.

If you hate blogshops that take FOREVER to process stuff, and wouldn't let you know about OOS for ages until you ask, then yeah, avoid them at all cost.


24 hours after this post, 1 public Facebook message, 3 emails and 3 tweets later, Vividoll finally processed the refund. No sorry, no nothing. I'm just glad it's over and done with.