02 March, 2013

Giving credit for great work

So... Singaporeans are known for complaining about everything. So... I decided that it's also important to compliment people I notice doing a great job.

So I wrote the following email to KFC. Let this be a fair society. Complain when you're pissed, but not to forget to applaud great work, be it a quick McDonalds delivery, a great season of new clothes, a quick response from someone important to you, and even a cleaner who takes extraordinary pride in his work. ;)



I am writing to compliment an employee of the KFC crew at the Hougang Mall outlet.

I've been a huge fan of KFC since my childhood years, and I'm always pleasantly surprise with the new choices added to the menu.

However, another important factor of the KFC charm goes to the cleanliness. While your opponent has chosen to create flashy store designs, KFC chose to stick with the old, and maintain an exemplary standard of cleanliness.

That brings me to my point - I noticed a member of the Hougang Mall team exceptionally outstanding. He is a tall Chinese guy in-charge of cleaning the tables, and if I didn't see wrongly, his nametag reads Alan.

He is always on the ball when it comes to clearing tables, and makes the special effort to clean with a dry tissue before using the rags. This may seem like a trivial detail, but such attention to details actually helps the outlet resources to last longer. Not to mention, the tables are actually cleaner this way.

During my few visits to KFC even during peak hours, it's not exaggerating to say that no table stays dirty and unclean for more than ten minutes during his shift. He may just be a cleaner, but he definitely takes his job very seriously and with pride.

We're not sure what we can do for him, except to let your company know and acknowledge the great attitude this employee has. Be it some sort of recognition or monetary award, or even making him a trainer for the new cleaning crew, I sincerely hope KFC would cherish and applaud such an outstanding employee. His work is what keeps KFC a great charming attraction above fanciful franchises.

Hui Ying