09 March, 2013

自动一点 · Have some EQ

Everytime I log in to blog about some happy stuff, there's always someone pissing me off, and turns out, I have to write a really annoyed blog entry before the happy one.

One thing I learnt at work, was never to be the middle person passing message around.

If you think about it, it's an extremely time-wasting bad habit.

Have you tried sending an email to a company, then they tell you that they'll forward your email to the relevant department, then the department replies you and say they will send it to the respective person in-charge? Turns out, your simplest SIMPLEST request takes EONS to be completed. For example, a refund.

So in general, I always feel like... if you have something to say to me, say it to me straight in the face.

Don't ask someone to pass message to me, or ask me to pass message to someone else.

Because it's a waste of everybody's time.

Is that clear, about what I'm trying to say?

So what happened tonight was, A asked me to bring B somewhere tomorrow. I said I can't, so B requested to go with C. A told D to contact me, so I told D to ask B and C directly. Then that D insists that I help to ask.

What for, right?

My point is, the three of them who are going, each has their own agenda tomorrow. So rather than me, the one not going to lias, may just as well have the three of them discuss and coordinate their plans directly. Right?

Makes sense?

I'm really really REALLY pissed off, because they made it sound like, I'm the bitch who doesn't want to help. The thing is... I'm not angry with anyone in general. It's just a matter of efficiency.

You can't blame A either, because A doesn't know I'm not joining them. The problem lies with D.

Let me say this once and for all - I hate being a messenger or middle person, because it's a waste of my time, and it's a very inefficient bad habit of people to not speak directly to whoever's involved.

It's also about respect for the one in face of you... but that's another matter that I don't want to talk about.

Stop being so annoying. Stop being so drama. I'm sure university taught you better than to care only about yourself.