04 March, 2013

不是世界末日 · It's not the end of the world

Picture credit: www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk






Attitude determines the environment.

When I'm feeling positive, nothing shitty can get in my way, be it failing to find a job, or failing to get a media pass for events coverage. I'd choose to believe that if this doesn't work out, maybe there's something else for me further down the road.

When I'm feeling very negative, even the smallest setbacks can throw me into a bottomless pit. The sinking feeling when I don't get any news from job applications, feeling like I'm useless. Or when I fail to get media passes... I wonder if I should give up because... How can I be so sure that I'd succeed someday?

Of course, I love the positive me (who doesn't love their own positive self!) because it gives me a lot of motivation and courage to try harder every time, and to take a step forward and try many more things. However, I often feel helpless in face of my own vulnerability. My heart sinks, but my brain keeps telling myself that it isn't the end of the world! But my heart ruled too often.

So... I'm feeling pretty positive lately. If you're feeling down... I hope you find the strength in you soon. (:

Afterall, the positivity can bring you to greater heights and the negativity will only bring you to rock bottom.