25 March, 2013

My New Treasure


Finally found time to introduce my new treasure! Been browsing Taobao for a long time, and finally found a suitable tripod. It has been great help for the CNY family photo, together with the Canon remote control! Super worthwhile. 


I've been in love with tripods eversince Poly years when I had the chance to work with one. Maybe I don't need a tripod at this stage of my life, but it's sort of... making my wish come true.

Extended at full height. 

I like that the tripod extending knob has locks instead of the boom kind of circular knob.

The only bad thing that I overlooked was that the tripod handle is on the left.

The tripod legs also have a special "screw" that I can pull up, and push the legs further apart and go lower.

The hook below is for hanging bag, but is also removable to turn the stick around and the the tripod stand like... 


This is actually the main feature that convinced me to buy this tripod. With this + remote control I can take photos of things laid flat on the floor without the need to reposition myself from blocking the light source. =D

And the pole is also removable for separate use for stability or leaning on something to relief the load. ((:

This post is suppose to include something else but... that's all about my new treasure for now! ((: