12 March, 2013

寻觅 · The Search











Everyone has a purpose in their lives. Everyone is talented in different ways.

I love dancing, but I know that it would always just be an interest.

I love the media industry, and being in it made me all the more certain it's where I belong.

If I understand that a certain realm isn't mine, why should I waste my time fighting for it?

If I understand that that's where I wanna be, why should I be afraid to try, to fail?

There are many things in life that we can compromise, give up and take reference from others, but dreams and purposes are not those things.

If we live being ourselves, we would not be seen as tragedy in the future.

If you belong to a certain world, go for it, fight and learn, even if it means a tough job.

Stooping low to learn isn't sad or laughable, because you're the one who gets the last laugh.

What's sad is if you can't even muster up the courage to try, living a life in the shadow of others and never really knowing your worth.