01 April, 2013

Cherie's Wedding

When I was young, my mum would ask me, if I want a younger sister for company. I remember answering once, that I'd wish I have an elder sister, but that's too much and impossible to ask for. 

I wish I had an elder sister to teach me stuff, and share some common girly H2H sessions with me. 

But if my sister is taller, prettier, smarter... or a complete brat, I'd be in living hell too, I guess. It's just that what we don't have often seem so attractive an option. 

Two years ago, I officially joined the working force, and crossed path with a new family at Munkysuperstar. Gillian, Cherie, Tre and Gladys. My memory is horrible, so as soon as I left the place, I quickly recorded their names in my phone. I got three of their names correct, and I got Cherie's name wrong as Sherry. They made huge differences in my life and today's the big day for this big sister whose name I first spelt wrong.

I'm not going to post up any photo of her, because she requested for privacy.

MSP has always been a family as a part of my life. A big part. Even though after all these times when I couldn't integrate into their culture and couldn't catch up with their capabilities, they are the A team I always love. Everytime I look at them... I'm overwhelmed with so much emotions deep within. 

The feeling of what a family is all about.

There are many things I choose not to do, say or try, but I'm often willing to take that step forward because of them and their encouragement. However tiring it may be, I know they are worth however much effort I have to put in. Because deep down I know that even if I feel awful for some little things, they never ever had the real intention to hurt me.

I don't know how else you can describe gratitude. 

I'm always inferior to them but... I can't help but care about this family. Especially tonight's wedding celebrations at Botanic Gardens. It almost feels as if I'm watching my big sister grow and find true love and anchor in her life. My real big sister. The sister I've so often wished for.

Seeing all these dearies I've worked with in the past gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, making me almost vulnerable enough to fear losing them someday. 

Gillian who doesn't put on airs, an obviously-smarter-but-still-calls-me-shifu Daniel, a sweet and easily-shocked Suzie, joker Stephanie, and my first production creation talent Shu An.  

Being able to sit down and enjoy a meal with these people... what more can I ask for? 

Full of gratitude.

I'm the kind of person who has so much pride, that I would NEVER cry in front of others. But these people made me so overwhelmed that I almost cried. Deep down, the warm fuzzy feeling never did die down.

As much as I love taking photos, today was also the first time that I truly felt the need to feel every moment, instead of capturing them. It meant so much more to be able to watch them chat, laugh and have a meal together. 

Even if I can never be part of their worlds, I am more than satisfied. And grateful, that I was lucky enough for our paths to cross.

A really emotional night.

I couldn't help but give them a hug or more, because I fear that someday we would distant, and all I have left would be these memories.

At this point in my life, I'm really REALLY grateful that they still consider me a friend.

Thank you for sharing the passion, the joy, and making me feel like... I'm part of the family.