28 April, 2013

数字会说话 · Numeric Talk



但是…… 最近YOLOsg.com的数字有了起色,不知不觉中,开始对数字执着。




Someone once told me that numbers isn't everything.

Many people understand what that means. The guy who has the best financial capabilities and assets still isn't The One if you don't have feelings for him. The school that has the best results, facilities, and is most costly, may not necessarily be the best school for you.

But... I've been a little obsessed with numbers of YOLOsg.com lately. It's an obsession that crept upon me unknowingly.

I constantly remind myself that numbers isn't everything (cos some content is worth featuring) but I know that it speaks of the direction I'm heading. The day when numbers no longer speaks to me, is the day I know I've succeeded.

Looking back at this present moment years later, THIS hundreds would surpass in value to the numerical values in the future.

No matter who you are, thank you for being with me, and witnessing this journey.