17 April, 2013

Random Facts from How It's Made

Browsing YouTube can be so scary sometimes. There's this super weird side of it, and then there's the super CUTE side of it, which turns out to be extremely addictive.

So for me, there are basically three pits that I find myself falling into - The Ellen Show, viral videos and How It's Made.

And today happens to be the day of How It's Made. But at least it was a fruitful waste of time!

Here are some random facts I learnt today -

1. Miniature Silvers are most commonly scaled 1:12 (video)

2. Erasers can erase not because of rubber, but because of its oil content (video)

3. Glass Paperweights are shaped many times, kinda like the complex version of the rock candy (video)

4. Learning where the various chunks of meat are, on the chicken. (video)
And that they have to sharpen their knives after cutting every 5 chickens or so.

5. Different colours of flake fish food stand for different nutrients/chemical content (video)

6. Quality checks for mayonnaise include a pH test, turning it purple (video)
And that spice is actually added to make mayo. And that spice, is the trade secret.

7. Olive oil comes in green bottle specifically to filter out harmful UV affecting its quality (video)

8. Newman-O's sandwich cookies comes in 3 rows of eleven cookies per pack (video)
And girls scout cookies make millions of dollars annually.

9. Jellybeans are made with chewy core formed in starch and layered with coats of sugar (video)

10. Pre-cut cheesecake comes in 14 slices (video)

11. Thai chilli sauce - contains vinegar and a lot a LOT of sugar (video)

12. Soft drinks contain 6% filtered water, the rest is sugar, coloring and flavor (video)

13. Parmesan cheese is made by hand, literally, without gloves (video)
And they are made solely in Italian for the authenticity.

14. Stickers are made by combining colours with different negatives prints (video

15. Coffee beans are not BLACK naturally. Expresso is made with compressed powder (video)
For every 100 fruit they harvest, they try to pick no more than 2 green ones.

16. It takes about 50 hours to weave a wig by hand (video)

17. Glue is added to cushion the lead to prevent breakage (video)

I find it fascinating to watch things in mass production! =D