19 June, 2013

O'bean Review

Thinking/Discussing about what to eat was one of my most hated topic, but that changed in recent years.

So... The thing is that there aren't many places in Singapore that serve tasty + cheap + healthy vegetarian options.

Places that offer awesome vegetarian food include Quality Hotel Lotus Restaurant, Serangoon Village place opposite temple, Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, but these are really expensive.

Places that offer cheap vegetarian good are usually coffeeshops, so the trade off is dirty environment, which usually freaks me out. In addition, a lot of the food choices aren't that healthy, with options like fried food, artificial flavorings or meat imitations.

Healthy vegetarian food is usually costly. Like Veganburg and a couple of other so-called "organic" foodplaces.

So imagine my delight, when my family and I come across O'Bean at Tajong Pagar along the stretch of bridal studios. =) This is awesome, because my mother and brother are vegetarian.

O'Bean is a really clean, modern and economically-priced place. Except maybe the waiter EQ is a little... questionable. I'd talk about that in a bit. But for now, here's the interior of the outlet!

As you can see from the board, the place offers free Wi-Fi, and doesn't charge GST. Sounds good already. ;)

Here are some of the food we ordered. Keep in mind five of us went for a meal together.

It's awesome considering the fact that for porridge, you have 26 options of side dishes to choose from. The price is also reasonable, ranging from $0.80 (raw egg) to $6.80 (mixed braised platter). 

The ones I would recommend are Spicy Eggplant, U Tiao (not oily!) and braised egg.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of porridge. But their soya porridge is surprisingly acceptable, and the waiters are meticulous enough to remember my special request of not putting spring onion and stuff.

This is the problem I realize is in Singapore food industry. Sometimes people just cannot be bothered with special orders. When I say just a little spicy, they can't adjust between 0-4 scoops of chilli powder. It's always either 4 scoops or none at all.

In another instance, some Western food places cannot be bothered when you say you want to change the salad to baked beans. Or even beverages where you ask for less sugar/milk. 

So in this case, I have to praise the waiters for being meticulous. BUT! There were two things they did that weren't up to service standard.

Firstly, 5 of us entered the place for brunch, and we wanted to try a bit of everything. But the waiter actually commented TWICE,

1) Woah, order so much ah.

which I don't see a problem, since we are paying for our meal, and

2) Woah you (someone from our table) eat so much ah.

which is kind of rude and embarrassing for someone at our table, especially a female.

I think... there's a fine line between friendly and rude customer relationship. And I think that particular waiter crossed the line quite a number of times. So it was a little annoying, upsetting and most importantly, uncalled for.

Second thing was, they missed out one of our orders. But maybe that's just a small mistake, so it's not a big deal, just, FYI. If your drink isn't serve quickly, you need to check with them.

Other than the two incidents, I think the place is really great! The food is great, the price is great, the cleanliness and food quality are all really about 8/10.

One last thing though - they only accept cash. Make sure you have enough.

83, Tanjong Pagar Road,
Singapore, Singapore 088504

(周一至五)7.30am - 10.00pm
(周六)11.30am - 10.00pm