30 July, 2013

Beauty Products Part 1: Foundation & BB Cream

I have a habit of invading Watsons and a couple of other stores every now and then, to check for new products. It's my way of updating myself about the latest creativity for beauty products. So...

Something I've been wanting to share are the products that I loved for a long time.

You know how many people test products, either personally or for advertorials, but many of them only using for a short period of time? These few posts of products are the ones that I've used for some time, and can really guarantee that they are not only good, but worth buying again and again.

So first up, my favourite Foundation and BB Cream!

Firstly... can I say I'm very proud of the red set? It's actually... the drape part of my dress. LOL.

So anyway, I've tried many brands of foundations, including Maybelline, Silky Girl, ZA, Kate, L'Oreal, and some really random and cheap ones from Chameleon.

For years now, when people ask what brand of foundation I'd recommend, I'd say ZA in general. But with new types of foundations emerging, from powder going on to liquid, gel, and liquid-powder, etc, I have to say that each brand has its strength.


Good liquid concealer
Liquid & Gel foundations
Shades closest to Asian tones
Consistent color
Economical option

I think Za liquid foundation is comparable to L'Oreal, but is definitely a much more economical option. I used to use the Clear Smooth Aqua gel foundation but that line has been discontinued much to my dismay. The reason I have different shades is that I like to get tanned but I turn fair again very soon, so my foundation shade varies very differently each time. So I bought No. 12 and No. 24, and mix them up sometimes. The ultimate tanned No. 14 is more for contouring.

The gel foundation is good for dry skin, especially when I was overseas during the autumn/winter seasons.

Ever since the gel foundation line is discontinued and my skin became oily because of the hot weather, I started to use concealer instead of foundation, because I feel that it's lighter and wouldn't look as shiny when I sweat a lot. The concealer perfection line was my favorite, and Maybelline BB cream was worse as it was very liquid-y and oily. However, the blue collection was soon discontinued too, and was replaced by the pink Perfect Fit Concealer in pink.

I use No. 3 most of the time now as I'm in the sun more often. As you can see, I have five tubes because using BB cream as foundation means using a lot more at once, and it runs out pretty quickly. Good thing that it's pretty cheap ($13.90) and goes to show it's something worth buying again time after time.

The True White Liquid Foundation is the one that's comparable to atas brands, but as it is pretty expensive, I only buy a light shade to use for highlighting.

Out of 3 shades, choose shade No. 2 for average skin tone
If you like a certain product, buy extra as they discontinue collections often/ sell out fast


Maybelline is also another brand that I liked for a really long time. However, their products are either very outstanding, or very horrible (personally).

If you haven't notice, I am a HUGE Za fan, but powder foundation is one thing that they lose to Maybelline. The powder is more fine, and helps liquid foundation to stay on for the whole day. It also helps to control oily skin condition for me, and makes my complexion still look super good after a sweaty day.

The Maybelline BB cream, however, is one of the biggest nightmare for me. It is super watery and oily, and the consistency is pretty bad. =( Unless you have really really dry skin, don't consider the product.

One of their latest mousse collection is also not suitable for oily skin in my opinion. It doesn't go onto skin as well, and looks very thick after application even after blending it out.

Another strength of Maybelline has to be their product packaging. My guess is that they always keep in mind that women tend to like compact packaging, so their design is usually small, simple and clean to use for touch-ups outdoors.


I have to admit that SilkyGirl is one of the most disappointing brands I've tried in general. I've tried their lipsticks, eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc. So the only reason I decided to buy the loose powder was because of the price.

As it turns out, it's one of the best 'economically-friendly' decision I've made. The loose powder helps in oil control to prevent a shiny forehead, and also helps expensive liquid foundations to set and last.

However... The puff that came with it wasn't ideal. Instead, I now use either a loose powder brush, or the puff with a rear pocket for fingers, as shown in the photo. It's available at Chameleon.


The first time I tried Kate product was because of its eyeliner - the super permanent one. (More about their products next time)

Their range of foundation was fascinating for me, because it's supposedly a liquid foundation that turns into powder seconds after application. In a way, it means that I get the best of both liquid & powder foundations and don't have to layer on products. Super awesome choice for a clean look, when you're in a rush.

The only MAJOR issue I have with their foundation is that there is no indication of shade on the bottle. So if you're like me, the kind of people who like to buy a few shades from a line, well... Uh-oh.

The shades are also confusing, something like OC-C, OB-C, OD-D, so it's hard to remember, and even harder to keep track when you have a couple of them. I truly wish they'll remember to label the shades IN PRINT on the bottle next time, and come up with a name more humanly-possible to remember. Like numbering from 1 to 10 and/or supplementary pronoun.

Anyway, one bottle is about $30+ so I only use it for super important occasions.


That concludes my favorite foundations & BB creams blogpost!

At the end of the series, I'll also post up a list of products to avoid (T_T|||) only because they are really... not worth wasting money on. It's also important to note which products are so harsh that people with sensitive skin should avoid at all cost.

That being said, it's good to experiment with different items from different brands because each of them has their 'niche' and just because their lipstick sucked doesn't necessarily mean that their eyeliner isn't worth trying. ;D

Final foundation tip: Don't judge a product (blindly/solely) by its price.