13 July, 2013

Make every second count

I hate goodbyes. But you know what's worse? When you know the goodbye is coming, but yet it drags on forever and you see no end to the dread.

Some of us lost a few loved ones, some a few more, some a few less. But one is enough to etch the fear of goodbyes, not to mention the ones we lose as we grow up.

At some points of our lives, we find ourselves attending many weddings. That's when we grow up. Later on, we find ourselves attending more funerals, and we realize just how far we've come, and how little is left.

Why am I saying this?

Because some goodbyes are temporary, some goodbyes are, well, forever. Some parents say goodbye to their children and can see them again after school. Some kids say goodbye to parents going to work, and never have the chance to reunite again.

Some of us have grandparents we wish we could ignore. Some of us have hollow spaces in our hearts wishing our grandparents were still around, to see us walk down the isle, to tell us 'I'm so proud of you.'

Every single time you ditch your friend for your Whatsapp, every single time you ignore your parents for YouTube, every single time you go clubbing while your grandma has her meal alone at home, just remember I fucking wish I have what you still do.

For that, make every second count, before you learn to hate goodbyes the way I do.