02 September, 2013

Quick Update: Making Friends

Thought I'd write a quick update before a busy month ahead.

A-Prince was back in Singapore for their second performance and it was fun while it lasted. What lasted beyond that was the new friendships made among the journalists covering their press conference and concert. :) More about that later, with our photos! :D

I'm travelling 500km soon to meet with people I haven't met in... 10 years. And getting prepared for mean comments with witty comebacks. Just hoping people would be nice, and that it can be enjoyable~

What else...

I'm suffering from a little YOLOsg fatigue, to be honest. So I'm thinking how to redesign it, or change things up!

And a few small business deals, and awaiting some results towards the end of this week. Fingers crossed, and I hope a few would work out!

What else...

One of my favorite YouTube groups The Piano Guys is in Singapore, but I couldn't get any response from the organizer. A little disappointed, because I think their talent is worth sharing with the Chinese world. Ohwells. :(

Anyway.. Thanks to the new friends I've made (thank you guys for taking such initative!), the last few days of August had been frickin' awesome and bearable. :')

Poh and I also went to meet potential X send miao off to Wuhan. Oh man, I really miss the uni life there... =/

Okay okay... A lot of photos, and I'll hopefully get to post them before my long journey! May everyone find a reason to be happy in life, every single day!