22 September, 2013

Woes as a (newbie) photographer

Came across this webpage about the woes of photographers, designed into sarcastic posters. I've only started on what I call 'real' photography late last year, but I could understand some of the frustrations photographers face. Thought it would be nice to name a few examples from my own life and hopefully you'll get a laugh if you understand what I mean.

(1) "Your camera takes really nice pictures!"

That's the first quote I saw from the website, and I never really thought of it as an "insult" until today. It's true though - you wouldn't tell a chef his dishes are awesome, he must have a kickass stove. Besides, there has to be a reason why my photos turn out nicer than some other pro-cameras too, right?

(2) "Help me take photos of _________"

*sighs* I love taking photos. I really really do. But that doesn't mean that I want to do it every single frickin' time. Sometimes I want to attend a wedding and just relax and blend into the crowd, enjoy the show and the good food.

But no, some people would come and ask, hey can you take a photo for us? Can you send us the photos? Let me check! ...okay can you take another shot from here for me? It's never-ending.

It's so hard to say no sometimes. It's like, people cannot understand why chefs don't like to cook when they are back home. Plus the fact that you think I just have to Whatsapp you the photo.

Truth is, I have to load into my computer when I get back home, edit and adjust, resize (because it's super big a file), send to my phone, before I can send to your Whatsapp.

And I'm not even being paid. Not to mention some buay paiseh people who would say... Eh can you help me photoshop away my pimple?

(3) "I look great today!"

Sometimes people ask me to take photos of them, and then tell me to delete them because "today is not my photogenic day". Even when I've told them that it's because of the lighting of wherever we are.

So when I help to take photo again in a place with great lighting, they don't see that I chose that moment and position, it's not because it's their photogenic day.

(4) "Check out my 5D2"

I think I've said enough about people with expensive cameras, but they can never stop showing off sometimes. Yes, 5D2, I get it. Yes, larger sensor, more expensive, higher ISO, better built, more AF points. If I really wanted to know, I can visit Canon website myself.


What I've learnt to appreciate is that the high-end cameras are too heavy for me to carry around for three hours. For those who love numbers, my 600D weighs 570g and 5D2 weighs 670g. That's excluding the extra lenses and accessories I'm bringing along.

So what if your camera can take super HUGE resolution files? At the end of the day, all I need is a 1280px file for my website.

I've also seen photographers with the super telephoto lens (those costing $x00000000), yet producing below-average official photos. #justsaying

My point is, yeah, you may be rich enough, but what's important is if you are talented and capable enough to utilize the costly camera. I'm not a professional photographer, so don't make me feel like you're doing your camera injustice.

(so tempted to upload a photo from that professional photographer...)

(5) "Where can I get your photos without the watermark?"


If I meant for you to use my photos for free, why do you think I'd bother to watermark my photos? And, no, you can't rip my work for free.

(6) iPad is the stupid-est invention ever.

I really hate iPads. Especially the ones with camera. Because people hold them up at events, and block the goddamn world behind them. Everyone paid for their tickets. How can you be so selfish?

Even Lenka wants you to enjoy the show. And 16 million people agree.

In addition, I can never understand how people truly enjoy a performance, because all they keep looking at is the shot on their phones/iPad/camera. Just enjoy the show, and enjoy the chio watermarked official photos after the event! I'd be depressed if I were to sing on stage, and everyone is just looking into their cameras.


So what are your frustrations in your field of work? I'd love to know!