28 February, 2014

Qoo10 Review: imkStore

I am a big fan of online shopping for many reasons - it's quick, you can do it alone, convenient and may even save you some awkwardness from buying in stores.

Online shopping for me started from blogshops. There were those Taiwan and Korea sprees, and some of you may be familiar with brands like 天猫, which used to sell cheap and comfortable cardigans, etc. Then came a period of "fixed list", meaning that after trying a few blogshops, I figured out which is the cheapest and most reliable, and stuck to them.

Then came the "Bugis era" where blogshops like PaperGirlsShop went on to set up physical outlet. They are usually found in Bugis Village, Haji Lane and even a few in Far East Plaza. As far as I can remember, that was the transition period when sellers started to jack up the retail prices to match the common brand outlets.

Qoo10 also underwent many milestones, and many people today still call it Gmarket. I've missed that part of their past because their choices were limited and more expensive, obviously.

Throughout the years, some blogshops have succeeded beyond their humble beginnings, and I've also seen the closing down of several business when the competition gets tough.

Anyway, I want to share something great that I bought from Qoo10 from a seller named imkStore. They sell electronics and camera stuff, and I bought a authentic Canon camera bag from them at $72.90 (excluding $3 shipping), while the retail price in Singapore is $140+.

The reason I wanted to buy a new camera bag was because the one that came with the DSLR was no longer big enough to hold all my additional equipment, ie.: flashlight, LED light panel, stofen, light tipper.

The original bag was about 27cm in width, but the new one is 30cm, with additional height and external side pockets. It is also usable with either its strap or as hand-carry (with the handles).


I was honestly worried, because the shop had only sold one of this bag, presumably because not many people would want such a bulky bag. But the only review was pretty good, so I decided to give it a shot.


I placed the order on 15 February and the item was posted on 18 February and I received it on 26 FEBRUARY. The item is shipped from overseas (hence cheaper), so any time within two weeks I would consider reasonable. In this case, 11 days is better than what I expected.

Another noteworthy thing is that I noticed some sellers tend to have two bad habits.
(1) Confirming/Accepting your order before they check if they have stock
aka within 24 hours of payment, you receive a note that they are sending the items, when in fact they just want to stop you from cancelling the order. (Qoo10 loophole)

(2) Not using the Shipping Info function
some sellers tell you that the items are "On Delivery" but I notice that the items are not track-able with the Shipping Info link. Chances are, they have NOT sent your order and are just trying to "pretend" like the deal is going on.

What usually follows is if you ask them why the items have not reached, the truth may be that they have not processed your order, but they blame it on delivery courier, who have not even receive any parcel to deliver yet.

If you see this pattern from the same seller, do make a mental note that they are sellers who would not keep to their words with your order. (a nicer way to say irresponsible)


I have the habit of checking the Shipping Info every now and then. Because I opted for tracking, of course I would want to check! Why else waste your money? It is also a good indicator as of when the parcel would arrive. 

It is usually delivered to your doorstep ONE day after you see that it has arrived in Singapore. So if you are working/studying, be sure to make necessary arrangements. That is one thing I always read in reviews, where people complain that they did not get any notice that the item was coming. Lazy still scold seller, shame.

Anyway, the bag arrived! ....in a Nikon box. LOL. When I was signing for it, I was sort of panicking. *oh no oh no* did I place the wrong order?!

Then *POOF* It is a Canon bag wrapped nicely! 

Of course this may raise suspicion for people that this is not an authentic bag. But my guess is that Canon packagings are often a waste of space. aka boxes are waaay bigger than the content. So I don't mind that they use Nikon box. 

The bag came with the authenticity tag, but unfortunately was torn off by me by accident. Ooops.

As you can see from above,  the bag is of outstanding quality, and is extremely clean, which indicates that (1) it is new stock; and (2) it is a brand new product.

From the sewing below, you can tell that the workmanship is worth the price too.

I love buying cheap stuff, but bag is an exception. Because bags that are poorly constructed with loose threads and crooked sewing usually mean that the weight distribution is uneven, which result in shorter durability and smaller weight tolerance. (I hope that makes sense to readers)

Okay, now of the interior:

Looks good so far right? But I think what matters most is always what you do not see straightaway. So I lifted the padding at the base of the bag interior.

As you can see, the sewing is straight, symmetrical and there isn't any loose thread. So even if it isn't real Canon bag, I would think that the built and durability are awesome.

The following is to give you an idea the capacity of the bag with additional 3cm in width and a couple more in height.

If you are looking to buy camera/laptop bags or camera-related stuff, give this shop a chance.

There's seriously a lot of crap sellers in Qoo10 (more reviews to come), but I think imkStore is worth all the money, faith and applause.

Note: All the photos used in this blogpost are originals and all rights reserved to Yingsphere.blogspot.com, which are not suppose to be duplicated or used anywhere else without prior written permission.