29 March, 2011


Here are a few stories you shouldn't have missed for the past fortnight:

(1) Rebecca's BLACK Friday Music Video

60million views to date, you have probably been living in a secluded cave with no opening for the past two weeks if you haven't heard of her yet.

However, I don't really think it is her fault. Some people have been diligent enough to look up who wrote those (stupid) lyrics, so I think that's where the bombardings should head.

And if you watch the interview of her, you would realise that she actually has a great voice without all the technical altering. This is how technology SCREWS the talent of people. Those people who did that should be ashamed of themselves.

Another thing people have been saying that all her friends either have moles or braces. Truth is, all those in the MV are her friends. You don't choose friends through audition, do you?

(2) Peter Coffin and his.... imaginary (girl)friend

....got busted.

Some bloggers in Singapore blog about absolutely nothing substantial- food eaten from day to day, some random camwhores, random emoies or cheesy lines that send goosebumps down your back.

But some like Xiaxue, they actually churn out some diligently-researched posts that have people awed by the amount of effort they put into their work.

Well, even if the entry is meant to BREAK someone.

The whole story revolves around 2 people and 2 blog entries in Xiaxue's blog. Here's the summary: http://www.urlesque.com/2011/03/25/peter-coffin-fake-girlfriend/ .

I don't know what people think, but the psychotic look on his face? Never a chance be someone I'd subscribe to on YouTube in the very first place. I think the Friendster (yes, that's my generation) syndrome is creeping in on Facebook and Twitter users alike now. All the collecting people and friends stuff.

Sometimes you follow random people to learn random things. That's how some random people become "famous" without good reasons. Then one day you realise the person you have been following was no better than the foe you hated in school? How do you feel about being one of those followers then huh?

Just a thought to think about.

(3) 91.3FM Cultured Call

The audio wave is, by now, removed from the website. Serves you right, for not keeping up with the news. See how much fun you missed.

Anyway, the story goes along that... A person by the name of Samantha called in to 91.3FM, and started with this whole talk about how heartlanders should stay where they are, because Holland V. people are more cultured, high-class. And questions why go all the way to their Holland V. for laksa?

But I must agree, sometimes slippers just ain't the right thing to wear, you know? I've seen people wearing slippers for job interviews and auditions. Like, what's going through your head? Do you save your nice shoes for the wet market?

(4) New Ris Low

Maybe I should have placed this on the top of the list, but anyway, there's this new girl from a bikini competition, and she has a quirky accent and sense of humour.

Personally I find her more likeable. (:

But I'm not gonna hyperlink the video here. Don't like to give that site any hits at all. Hmph. Go google it yourself.

(5) A primary school habit gone wrong

The storyline is pretty clear- NS man. Maid. Bag. Maid carry bag. NEWS.

I'd call this a primary school mistake gone wrong, you know. Principals like the one I had in Xinmin, told us that we should take responsibility for our own belongings. If that is your bag, why should your mum be carrying it for you?

I never once allowed any family member/adult/anyone else to carry my bag since. But in this case? Maybe the habit is still there.

From another perspective, maybe he has a reason afterall.

Not sure if anyone else has such an experience, but I've a minor sprain of my ankle, so when I board the bus to school, I quickly sit down. Then some elderly board the bus, everyone looks at me.

At that moment, I just wished my ankle would make beeping sounds telling people "She is lame, you should stand up instead". Maybe that would make things less awkward for me.

Just like what my lecturer said before, why point fingers and volunteer others? Stand up, if you want, if not, just keep quiet!

So maybe he had some problems too. Maybe if the photo was from Hogwarts, we would have seen a .gif-like file that can clear the air?

18 March, 2011

优先权 · 人权






谁说新加坡只是个‘fine’ country呢?









14 March, 2011

日本 · What happened in Japan

Just in case you're those one of those cavemen, here's what happened in Northern Japan last Friday.

What happened all over the world for the past 72 hours and on had been nothing less than impressive.

Old debts aside, people and organizations all over the world are showing care and support for the misfortune which hit thousands of people without a sign. It was a wake-up call to mankind, that no matter how technologically-advanced we are, there's no way we can win Mother Nature.

Some say women are unpredictable, and I guess that's why the Nature is The Mother.

More importantly, it brought me to the point of understanding the power of cyberspace, beyond those lame and stupid stuff people do on social networking websites.

Minutes after the disaster struck, news spread on websites, and minutes later, retweeted, forwarded and every-other-mean-possible-ed splattered all over the internet.

Twitter, for one, had seen #prayforjapan trending, and many news sites are updating every possible minute on the progress of the salvations, and the disaster updates.

Next thing you know, the disaster rose in the list of Top Search trends on Yahoo, and you can watch the latest raw footages recorded by those near the place where disaster struck.

But what touched me the most, was how some online celebrities are doing their part to pass the message on.

Unlike commercial advertorials, it doesn't really pay to talk about such things to your fans, karma excluded. But I really saw how people became sensitive to the Japan counterparts, and toned down on their usual sense of humour just to show respect for the unfortunate victims.

The funniest thing I saw out of many webpages was.... Ugliest look challenge? Even that wasn't very funny, and I'm extremely grateful for that. I'm sure many people do.

I appreciate how people rise to the occasion, and do what they are suppose to do. And sometimes going beyond their obligations, going the extra mile.

I've come across people who made light remarks about how what they did came back to them a disastrous way, but that being said, these people decided to put such ancient feuds behind, and pray for the victims and survivors.

Some of the statistics and figures do scare me.

One moment you're having a childish fight with your family member, and you slam the door to work. Next thing you know, he/she may never make it back to the house to make things up with you. Heck, your home may not even be where it used to be. And then you realise, your life would never be the same again.

People like me living overseas are the ones so far who have the chance to undo the things we screwed, and we have the chance to reflect, redo, remake and repent. But for many out there, their stories finished way before they want it to. And that there's nothing they can do to make things right anymore.

Such thoughts have been whirling in my mind all weekend, but the bottomline is,

be extremely grateful for all that you have,
for all that happened and did not happen,
for all that you get and did not get,
because it may be the last.

Don't give yourself a chance to think that your dad doesn't love you enough, cos I think there isn't anymore anyone can ask for from anyone else.

Don't let yourself live a day and think back realising you did not do something you should or always wanted to. If that's how you're going to look at your life if you leave this moment, there can't be any worse feeling.

For now, let's count our blessings, cherish every morning we get to wake and every night we get to lay in bed.

Aboveall, pray hard for those out there, and help if you know of any way you can. Be it an act of monetary donation or a simple retweet, just to let more people know what's going on.

07 March, 2011


Sometimes I wish people would be more sensitive/subtle when it comes to judging others.

Some people are born rich, but more of us are born poor. Some people can play all day and ace all work, while some die from working hard and never once get a taste of fruit of their labor.

I don't have a smartphone, I don't have a Facebook account, I am not ever-connected to the cybersocial networks, but that doesn't mean that I'm all ignorant. More importantly, I'm still a living individual with feelings, and I am definitely better in some other aspects compared to every other individual.

In fact, everyone has their strengths. It's just a matter of how long it takes for each person to discover their talents, and how many chances in life they get to excel, be it chances they give themselves, or chances people bestow upon them in life.

Truth is, some people just don't get a chance their entire lives. That's how they fade away gradually, and give in to a pragmatic way of life, working just for the sake of earning a living.

As for those bright and glamorous stars above, well, you never know how much effort some of them put in just to be there.

Like how much effort it took me just to understand the kind of clothes so-called 'normal teenagers' wear.

Sometimes when I get snide remarks, I wish that person has one chance to be in the body of a wrinkled and critically ill obese illiterate handicapped. Maybe that's what it would take for them to realise that not everyone is fortunate like them, to be raised and fed well, to be part of the in-crowd by nature.

Because life is unfair in such a way that, some people, no matter where they are, just become an outcast, by default.

I really wished you knew.

Pictures from photo.net and inluck.biz respectively.

05 March, 2011

自制 · Control




02 March, 2011

心态 · Mentality








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