06 June, 2011

时间不够用! In need of time!

Just completed a series of simple designs my aunt requested.

What seems simple and straightforward may turn out to be a grueling process that calls for extreme meticulous attention sometimes. Other than the right resources, it also calls for concentration, meticulous and patience.

创意嘛~ 由于不是大型制作所以不是特别的讲究。毕竟这次着重的是传达讯息而不是搞创意。
As of innovation... It isn't particularly important in this assignment because it's not a large-scale one. The focus of this project is to bring the message across, and not to showcase my creativity.

So anyway, the picture on the top left is what I attained with Google search, and the one on the right is what I get after downloading the original and editing with Photoshop. I'm pretty proud of the final work but as I can't put it here, these two are used for comparison. 

The workload has increased significantly recently, and other than working hours, I'm also cracking my brain thinking about work during my free time. Of course, there's also family, life and friends that require my attention.

让我最担心的就是维持网页的能力…… 有时真的抽不出时间,即使有想法、有灵感,却没有充足的时间撰写,十分可惜。
The most pressing issue to me recently is my ability to maintain this website... To the point that I can't even pen my thoughts and inspirations due to the extreme lack of time. That's a real pity.

However, I'm still extremely lucky to be in a working environment that helps me to get back on the English track, and have chances in life to continue improving my Chinese. It's truly the rare case of getting the best of both worlds.

I'd even die happy this way from exhaustion.

Because like what many people have told me, I'm already very lucky.