13 December, 2011

伤口 · Wound

The wound I didn't know existed

很多人事物就像爱情一样, 未必能够察觉, 但只要有个种子, 会逐渐萌芽。还有另一种, 是你可能不以为意, 但早就在你的内心里划破成道伤口。
There are many relationships and experiences like love- you may not know their significance but so long as a seed was planted, it would sprout in you. There's another kind of significance- you think it doesn't matter but in actual fact it has been deeply etched with a wound.

有种成长, 不困难、不关键、不明显, 却很深刻。
There are some seemingly simple and unimportant points in growth that may not be obvious but are, in fact, really memorable.