31 January, 2012

Too Sick for My First BB Shoot

Such a beautiful day.

Went to work early in the morning all hyped up and looking forward to my first official filming and then! I had to fall sick. 

So I took leave and took a cab home to sleeeeeeeeeeeep for really long. :(

Well on such days, toilets never fail to be my best friend. Hurhurhur.
But I feel bad for not being able to help out at the Budget Barbie shoot. :(( 

And then QiuQiu had to leave me such a sweet tweet that I see this morning on my way to work now.

Mad gandongzxzx.

29 January, 2012

信任 · Trust

Source: phaseware.com

A lot of trust issues have surfaced recently.

In society, it is a case of MP Yaw Shin Leong's personal life that may have cause the supporters' trust to waver. Although nothing has been verified, the damage is done. Should I believe that he's the outstanding OP successor? Or believe that the ruling party has nothing to do with this?

如果你还不知道事情的来龙去脉,可以点击此看新闻报导——联合早报 / Straits Times
If you don't have the slightest clue of what's going on, click on these links to read the news.

Regarding family, my mother agreed to help a friend last year, by visiting her mother in a nursing home, and "reimburse" my mum an amount of money monthly. To put it simply, the money is a form of thanks to my mother, and not "salary". This was an agreement between two people, but one that implicates two families. Recently my mother found out that some people doubted her behind her back, and sent someone to "supervise" her. Volunteering is a grey area, so my mother had decided to put an early end to the promise.

A man being used cannot be suspected while a suspected man cannot be used.

If you doubt a person when using her, that's quite disrespectful and rude. To me personally, it's a lack of gratitude and repaying with heartlessness.

Volunteering often brings about troubles that we can't express. Think about it - my mother is not an energetic youth, there are bound to be times when she's unwell. My mother is married, there are bound to be times when she has to be with us kids. My mother has her religion, there are bound to be times when she has to dedicate effort to the religion. My mother has her pride, there are times when she would be hurt.

Most important of all, my mother has her conscience, and she would make up for whatever it is that she thinks she hasn't done enough.

I almost wish that this so-called "rich family" can read what I have to say here, and ask whatever's left of your conscience. How did this all started? What did we promise you? What kind of person is my mum? How have you treated people who truly made the effort to take care of your mother? Have you treated us like respectable human beings?

My mother and I are one of a kind- even if you put $10000 worth of dollar notes before our eyes, we can guarantee that we would not take the slightest bit of what isn't ours.

If you so-called "rich people" can only judge people with money as a standard, I can only say that all that you have is hypocrisy; all that you are, is nowhere near a human being.

On a more personal level, ignore me if you don't trust me. I've a brain, I have self-awareness, and if I know that I can't do it, I'd leave. But don't doubt my sincerity nor effort, because I can't take that kind of hurt.

Lunar new year has been a happy one, but deep down, there's this sinking feeling.

You can rant all you want, or remain silent, but please, just for once, learn to trust, and learn to live like a human being.

18 January, 2012

新年 · New Year


08 January, 2012

爷爷 · Grandfather

It was Granddad's death anniversary on Saturday and we woke early to pay respects to him.

As the years go by, the significance of the ritual seems to dwindle, and instead, I get a sense of peace. It's still painful to think about how he left sometimes, but it all seemed so distant to me by now, as if it can't hurt me anymore.

Here's a picture of my grandfather, just in case anyone is curious.

Like what I've always said, he's sort of like the hero in my life, in my eyes.