26 February, 2012

Twitter's RIP Trend

As many people know, journalists often race against time to compete for news publication, aiming to for exclusives or to be the first to report. In this digital age, many people often learn about news via social media.

但是最近有个让我很排斥的现象发生了——人们为了‘报复’故意传达假的消息,在Twitter上让RIP XXX成趋势(trending topics)。
But that has been a trend I hate recently - people often abuse the use of Twitter trends to spread hoax RIP (Rest In Peace) rumours for "revenge".

第一次注意到的是RIP Madonna。
The first one that caught my attention was RIP Madonna.

Photo Credit: breatheheavy.com

出现这样的趋势让我吓了一跳,尤其因为距离Whitney Houston的过世不久,算是敏感的时期。有必要吗?
RIP Madonna appearing on the Twitter trends gave me a scare, especially because it wasn't long ago that I learnt about Whitney Houston's death from the trends. It's an exceptionally sensitive period of time, and I questioned the need for people to get back at Madonna for their dissatisfaction.

Awful songs are produced every now and then, and everyone makes mistakes. Do they have to get back at her for a mistake just because she's a popstar? It was truly a case of tech-abuse.

第二次是RIP Chris Brown。
The second one I can recall was RIP Chris Brown.

Cyber users are the pros at bearing grudge.

Photo Credit: hindustantimes.com

He did wrong previously, but targetting him just because he appeared for the Grammys? The mistake reflects his character, but he's still an artist, so do people really have the right to trend that he died? Depends on whether you think character and music are linked.

今天又看到了RIP Rowan Atkinson.
The third one I saw was RIP Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean).

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The worst part of this? He did not offend anyone or make any mistake. It started when a person tweeted his death as a joke, which spread like wildfire thereafter.

有人感叹Twitter‘杀’的艺人比现实还多。至今,中遭的名人还包括主持人Ellen DeGeneres、名媛Kim Kardashian、艺人Eddie Murphy等。(资料来源
I saw a comment about how Twitter has announced more deaths of celebrities than is real, and other stars who fell victim to that include talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, Kim Kardashian and even Eddie Murphy.

有个值得关注的重点是有时新闻社都会放错消息。当然,这些谣言的存在提醒着我们网上得到的资讯必须亲自确认,不能全部当真。至少在中学学的历史分析方法cross reference还算是派得上用场吧,哈哈。
One thing that's worth the highlight? Even news sources make mistakes. It serves as a good reminder that while Internet is a source of information, we have to verify by cross-checking with a few other sources, and take everything with a pinch of salt (or more). The comforting thing is that at least cross-referencing learnt from History examination is of use in real life.

15 February, 2012

I Hate Goodbyes

Half a month went by.

This week has been pretty horrible, to be honest.

Intern guy is leaving, leaving us with one guy in office again; and Tre is leaving too. She's supposedly the one who has been at the company the longest (2-3 years), second to boss. When I first got to the company, she and the admin colleague were closest to me because I didn't dare to talk to Cherie and boss.

And now come to think of it, admin colleague had left and gave birth to a child, and Tre is leaving. And I'm only just getting close to being at the company for a year (by the end of this month).

The company went through a lot of shuffles, and only by June did the employment all settle down. But now the shuffle is happening again, and someone new would be coming in again, somehow I found it overwhelming and saddening.

It caused me to be very moody, because I don't know how to face it. It's like losing a CHS classmate, realising that we would not be able to graduate as a class.

This is sort of killing me inside. =(

It's hard to imagine how we had managed to piss each other off when I first started work at clicknetwork family. It's the kind of feeling like, if I can turn back time to relive those moments, I would have tried to be a nicer person for the better of the relationship. All the misunderstandings were so inconsequential. I guess we all grew up since the talk.

And I hope we would still be friends, in Singapore or in two different lands.

14 February, 2012

5首让我掉泪的歌 · 5 Songs That Make Me Cry

There are some songs that make people happy, but some never fail to make me cry after listening. What about you?

I gotta say that while I listen to a lot of pop songs, the ones I tend to like are lesser-known. So in order to write this entry, I spent my Monday night crying in front of my computer, FML. And left some of those imprints between the lines of this Top 5.

(5)Cher - You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me

You probably heard of this song if you watched Burlesque the movie.

I think the song has very good arrangement and showed a kind of strength within the vulnerability displayed. The song is great encouragement for myself whenever I face setbacks, and needed to face my failure, let it go and start over again.

12 February, 2012

分岔路 · Crossroads

I read an article on Kenny Sia's blog some time last year, and have been wanting to blog an entry for those at the crossroads in life.

Dedicated to all the juniors and youths at the crossroads of your lives

04 February, 2012

Favorite Shows - Hosts

I'm hooked on shows aired on We TV/SET recently (since November 2011 actually)!

I watch the shows aired on mio, and I got to say that channels 20-24 air some of the most impressive shows I've seen.

Decided to write this entry to list my top three favourite show hosts, because they are so awesome, and it seems to me that their character made the show a success. (or maybe it's the work of the editor)