30 March, 2012


Forgot to bring some photos back from the office lunch farewell for one of my colleagues, Tre, so I shall blog about some really funny snippets of conversations that took place in our office!

So some time ago a lady came to our office to see Stephanie, and then Steph called the lady Fifi.

I heard it, but I thought that's her name (and I shouldn't judge!).

During the office lunch, though, boss brought it up, and then Steph gave a O_O look.

Boss: Her name is Phoebe (Febe) but you called her Fifi!

Steph: Oh! But I thought some people also pronounce it as Fifi?

Boss: No, it's Phoebe.

It's so funny seeing how Steph really meant it! It's not about laughing at her, but more about how... different we all are at the office.

During the lunch, too, Steph ordered a cup of strawberry mango banana smoothie. Guess boss was busy talking to Fin and Brina, and she didn't notice that Steph's drink was next to her.

Towards the end of the meal, boss finally took one good look at the table, and saw Steph's drink.

Boss: ...wow... that's like...

...800 calories.

We all burst out laughing because boss is not the kind of person who is calorie-crazy. At least, never verbally. So her reaction was so hilarious that we all started laughing!

Okay, so for the third part, there's this atas-baker-standard colleague in the office by the name of Cherie that you should know about.

It's always nerve-wrecking to present food before her, cos she is a really professional-jargon food critic, in a really good and constructive way.

Previously when boss brought in a batch of cupcakes, for example, we would all be commenting like...

ooh, it's a little too sweet.

I think the icing is awesome.

The cupcake itself isn't mixed evenly.

At the very most, it would be something like, I think the ingredients used aren't very fresh.


But Cherie always has something PROFOUND to comment about the food. Serious!

Let me cheem-mise the comments examples I just used. Try to, at least.

mm.. I don't like it. They probably used ready-made icing. It tastes.. artificial. You know how the original is made using _______ and ________ by mixing ______ and doing ______.

Not bad! I wonder where the lady gets the cream cheese, it's probably made from --
(sorry I don't even know the terms she used!!!)

I think the batter may not have been mixed evenly. She probably used butter that wasn't fully melted, that's why there are some bits saltier than the others. Or maybe it was mixed by hand and not evenly done.

Sorry I digressed! So anyway, Cherie was busy with edit on Thursday and could not join us for lunch at the restaurant. We bought takeaway from the same place for her, something that another colleague also ordered.

This time around, I took notes of what they had to say!

Steph: The batter is too lumpy.

Fin: Mm...

And guess what Cherie had to say when she ate it in the office!!!

Cherie: There's too much rosemary.

There was brief silence, and EVERYONE BURSTS OUT LAUGHING.

G: That's what it is!

Once again, the ultimate food critic proved her worth.

Noob Food Critics 0 : Cherie 1

Dear Food Critic, if you ever read this post, I'm sorry if I made you sound too amateur. I know you're more professional than that, but that standard is really truly genuinely beyond me. But you have my respect. And love. (:

29 March, 2012

All About Smells

If there's anything common among us at the office, it's probably our obsession with smells. It's even beyond your imagination. Almost not a single day has gone by when someone hasn't commented

"Did you smell that?"

"Ew the office smells like _________ (something awful)"

"Where's that smell coming from..."

Well, it all started when someone came into the office and commented that it smells like pee. That was... DA BOMB.

So we started the smell-good journey by copying remedies that worked in other offices...


(15 minutes later) ...mm the room does smell better!

(15 weeks later) ...are we numb to the smell, or is it not working anymore? Maybe it's not big enough for the office. Hmm.

The following spinning thingy came in. The idea is putting water in it, and adding some lavender or ocean-smelling chemical and when it spins, our air smells better.

Noisy, but didn't really work. Meh. Or maybe it did. We comforted ourselves by saying yeah lah, I think it helps abit... (right?????)... abit better now!

The constant setbacks of making the office smell better got to us. There was even a brief discussion about What do you think would work? And boss even googled How to make office smell like spa. Or something along that line.

Next thing you know, we are adopting the toilets success story.

Every 15 minutes... PSSST! *spray*

That was the one addition that CHANGED MY LIFE--

I smell of lavender all day.

And sometimes during brief moments when I smell something musty or pee-ish, PSSST!

...I can't smell anything anymore. AHH~ Maybe that's how it's suppose to work!!!!

On the right, though, you can see Nudge's cage. And I came to the conclusion that poop plus pssst smell really awful. Maybe we should try oxygen tank! *inhales*

Days ago, boss brought in IKEA candles. Didn't work, and I didn't get to take photos. But boss came back from meeting, and was disappointed by how quickly the candles burnt away.

Then boss tried another type of candle... that made Cherie and I think of sour plum constantly.

She feels like she's constantly smelling delicious sour plum,

I feel like I'm constantly eating sour plum! Like omg, so overwhelming. *slaps forehead*

What started as a tiiiiny little problem became a scent contest, taking place in our office. Since we're on the topic.. how about bringing in something scientific?

We welcomed the atas-and-you-wont-understand-how-I-work looking ionizer.

What I was educated on was that this machine ionizes the old smell particles in the air, and make them heavy and sort of fall to the ground.

Me: So we have to sweep the floor to get rid of them?

Cherie: *look of disbelief* [Facial Expression Cue: what kind of question was that, yo?]

Boss: ...yeah~ once in a while when the vacuum lady comes. *straight face*

That look on Cherie's face was PRICELESS. I told Tre the funny science theory on the escalator today, and she gave me the O_O look of surprise too.

Super happy. =P

 But apparently it smells of metal if we leave it on for too long.
(Included FIJI water in the shot cos it's awesome too!)

So I brought a mini lavender spray that helps me feel better about all the metal... chopsticks.. bowl of water.. toilet spray and candles.

There was a day when Steph took the bottle and sprayed it into the air con. She's kind of certain that the bad smell came from the aircon. Somehow the office still smells awful this morning though. =(

You know which scent was the most effective?

Nudge's poop.

No one knows what the next step would be. Maybe something creative like...

Sea salt spray?

 ...or Vodka?

Hmm. We need another scent meeting soon.

27 March, 2012

为什么在乎饶欣龙 · Why Yaw Matters

This is an entry I have been wanting to write eversince the Yaw scandal came to light.

Source: news.asiaone.com

It's inevitable for youth to be rebellious at some points of growing up, and that shows the importance of an opposition party in making Singapore grow. It's like how competition and pressure from Channel U's existence significantly raised the standards of Channel 8. It's the kind of change that competition and pressure brings about.

As a youth, I respect WP, but hate their silence at the same time.

Why do I care about Hougang?

Hougang is like a rebellious part of Singapore, a part we can't do without. Power and authorities aside, Hougang has kept the fighting spirit alive, passing on the courage of never fearing to be going against the flow.

Source: forums.hardwarezone.com.sg

Liu is a hero, but there's not a single hero who can be growing with the country for eternity.

Just as we are at the crossroads of passing the baton to the younger generation, Liu took the first carefully-considered step out of his comfort zone.

Why do I care about Yaw?

He was the person catching the baton from Liu, the one who should endorse the spirit and continue the race, continue passing on the Hougang spirit. That's growth of the party, and there's the first step of handing over to the younger generation.

Amidst so much doubts during the election period, Yaw never waivered, and eventually got the deal.

Source: anonymousxwrites.blogspot.com

As commonly said, "the territory is safe for another four or five years for now."

Who would have thought that he would be such a letdown?

Source: therealthingis.wordpress.com

His reputation dropped to pit bottom overnight, giving those who support the ruling party a chance to say "I told you so!" and leaving the life-long supporters of WP feeling disappointed.

It's a well-known fact that Hougang is a prey that's constantly eyed by some candidates. The first one never made it, the second one worked his way up and in. Occasionally appearing on the papers for some good deeds, other times announcing his low-profile style in a high-profile manner. With these people around, the stability of Hougang spirit is so vulnerable to the slightest touch.

Source: sgforums.com/forums/3518/topics/420874
Source: financetwitter.com

Suddenly thought of a question someone posed to me during GE last year - why do/should I support and believe them?

Media reports and black-and-white qualifications aside, exactly how much do we know about these candidates that are brought before us? Where are they from? How's their reputation? What have they been doing? How's their character? How do they treat people?

It's ironic of our ignorance, because it clearly shows that who we trust is decided just like how it was in school - qualifications are The Thing.

Lastly, as a personal and silent note, I wish WP all the best for this latest challenge. Every setback is a chance to grow, and I hope you maintain the respectful silence in face of those who put you down intentionally. May you prove your worth in time with your capability and right mindset.

So long as what you do remain in line with what you limit yourself in the first place, your success is never too far from where you are as you grow.

26 March, 2012

Subaru FTW

I have been planning to make a prop recently, so I needed boss's car.

Tried to be funny this morning, and without any warning, told my boss..

Me: Gillian can I borrow your car?

Boss: Sure.

Me: Haha, I'm going for a spin.

Boss: I just topped up the gas tank. (Can't remember if she said "no problem", but she was calm anyway)

I'm super surprised she didn't even ask why I needed her car. Somehow it amused me a lot. Maybe she knew I can't drive, and can't do anything more than sleep in her car?

To be honest... I don't even know where the car key is suppose to go into.

So yes, any car (key) is safe with me.

Nudge The Office Hamster

Our office had a new baby hamster weeks ago, and her name went from Stupido to Zillian before settling as Nudge!

She was Stupido cos she didn't know how to play on the wheel previously, or didn't know how to climb up the stairs. I think she was just to young!

We put up a photo of her on the Facebook page, and people suggested names like Vanilla.. Hamtaro..

Somehow Zillian sounds so strange, but it got stuck as her name while boss was away!

So when boss came back to work, she decided to take away the name.. and then it was a choice between bullet or nudge. Nudge, because you have to nudge her to move. Bullet is sooo not a girl's name. So.. Nudge she was. (:

The first day she arrived at our office, boss told me to check her out, and I couldn't find her in the playground cos she was tiiiiiny. By tiny, I mean, 1.5inch? Or was it smaller? And she was cuddled up sleeping, and I had no idea that was The Hamster.

I guess she was pampered and had too much food in her playground, with a bowl of goodies on level 1 and 2 each, as well as a stick of treats. Heck, even I don't get to live on a two-storey house.

Anyway, it's always funny to find out how much she has grown over the weekends, and it's almost as if everyone became her mother.

"Did she just grow bigger again?"

"Oooh, look at her stuffing her cheeks with food!"

"She poops a lot really fast!"

As well as the small milestones of her growing up progress.

"Gosh, did you see how fast she sprinted across the cage?"

"Look! She's climbing up the treats stick!"

"She learnt how to unscrew the wheel!!"

It's sort of thrilling having her around, but at the same time, she can be such a wreck.

So far she has chewed on the rubber sucker at the back of the wheel, unscrewed the wheel, got stuck between the two wooden trees, fell from level 2 (don't worry, she's safe) and even managed to kick away the bedding in the foreground. Who would have thought a girl would spell such trouble? Haha.

It has only been a few weeks, but it feels like she has grown into a big girl already. And yes, she bit me twice, and bit Brina a couple of times too. Nothing serious, just being defensive in her growing up years.

We have had the light on above her playground for the past week so that the viewers can check Nudge out anytime, but it seems to have caused her enough stress to want to squeeze herself behind the wheel to get some darkness (and rest).

Realising that, we've decided to give her a break from her studio lights, so that she wouldn't be so crazy about the one small dark corner. In fact, as soon as we leave work at the end of the day, she has all the darkness she wants for herself. I hope she's happier.

Just like us, it takes time for adults to learn about what the kids need. (:

25 March, 2012

手机(第四场) · Mobile Phone (Round 4)

I was trying to contact the customer service centre just half an hour past their business hours and I could no longer do so. That was Friday.

All I had to do was yell at them, perhaps even nonsensical verbal anger, and their service person was available even at 9pm during the weekend to get back to me about my phone. Apparently my phone is arriving on Thursday, and the lady (Charlene) said that I could go down on Friday to claim it even if no one calls me about the phone arrival. What's with the logic about not contacting the consumer when her exchange arrives?

All my patience and level-headed sanity came to an end, and all I want to do now is to see how much more of my time they can waste.

So long as the physical exchange hasn't happen, there's still a chance that they would screw up.

There's nothing left of trust in them.

24 March, 2012

手机(第三场) · Mobile Phone (Round 3)

Finally past my boiling point, and had to deal with Samsung with extreme anger and anguish.

Two and a half weeks have passed, and the new phone is still just a verbal phrase.

I called the customer service at 3pm, and the person told me that "the service centre would call you before 6pm today".

6pm came and go, but I still did not get any update. Called the service centre only to know that their working hours end at 6pm.

I thought to myself, maybe they really are busy, maybe they would get back to me first thing tomorrow morning!

Customer service starts at 8am, and I still did not get any update by 10am. Called the service centre once again out of anger, and she told me "I'll definitely get back to you by 2pm today. Yes, 2pm today".

I really wanted to resolve this peacefully, so I waited... until 3pm.

I made a call by 3pm, and for the first time ever, I blasted the person who answered the call. I felt bad for him initially, considering how he's innocent as the two service centre ladies before him were responsible. But then he gave me a rude reply - "We can only inform the service centre, and we don't know if they reply. If you can't wait, you can go down to the service centre to ask."

I'm LIVID! It's not that "I CAN'T WAIT", I have been waiting for the damn customer service for ONE MONTH to resolve this!!!

Samsung is really disappointing, having spent so much money to hire useless people who give nothing more than blank cheques and empty promises.

I've emailed them again, but I said that there's NO way I'm gonna go down to get the phone. Get it TO ME.

If your technology and capabilities are so pathetic, don't put me on the receiving end of your shit. This time I'm not going to be nice. Not anymore, because you guys don't deserve it.

三星,去反省吧。那么丢脸的服务中心,倒不如不要算了。你的一锅米找不到不是老鼠屎的 半丁点儿物体。
Samsung, it's time to reflect. Such shameful customer service, you may just as well close it down. I can't find a single person who is actually doing work at the department. Not a single atom of them is useful.

How Horrible Is Samsung?

Note: This is the email I just sent to the service centre. I know that we learnt in school to make sure that letters are concise, polite and objective. Screw all that. What school didn't teach is that stupid companies take consumers as idiots and pushovers when people try to play nice. On a teaching level, this email is the PERFECT example of... How To Fail Your English Paper 1.


I am writing again to Samsung to complain about the customer service centre irresponsibility.
My Samsung Galaxy S phone has been malfunctioning since February, so I sent my phone to the service centre at Plaza Sing once. The staff did a software update for me, and I could collect my phone in the evening.
The update made the phone worse, and I could not even switch it on. So I sent it to the service centre again days later, only to receive horrible service, which did not even solve the problems I faced with the phone.
I have emailed Samsung once about the dire situation, and I have received a call to say that I would get a new phone in exchange. The catch was that I have to wait for two weeks, which I accepted in peace.
Close to three weeks have passed but I did not get a SINGLE word about my phone. I have called the service centre THRICE in the past 48 hours but all THREE service centre personnel just said that "the service centre would call you back" that NEVER happened.
One said that she would call me back by 6pm yesterday, but I did not receive a response, only to find out at 6.30pm that service centre is closed for the day. I called this morning, and the lady said she would get back to me by 2pm today. I still did not receive a single piece of advice. I called at 3.30pm, only to be greeted by a guy who expects me to go down to the service centre "if you can't wait".
I have been trying to resolve the problem peacefully with your service centre and customer service personnel, but it seems like all I ever got was blank cheques and empty promises, and that is greatly disappointing and revolting. I have been going on for ONE month of inconvenience because of the mistakes on YOUR part, and this is reaching a point when I feel that I would take further extreme steps if Samsung does not give me proper solution and compensation by this week.
This is my final chance to resolve this issue with Samsung, and I do hope that I would get a new phone, cash compensation and/or black-and-white apology from the company for making the Samsung experience at utmost nightmare for the past month.
I expect to receive a decent reply from Samsung by Monday, and no, I would NOT drop by the service centre in person to check for any update. I think I have been nice enough to drop by for three times, and that I deserve better than that as a polite customer to begin with.
Lastly, I hope that the person attending to my email would get the poor communication and job integrity of the service centre known to the team, and reflect on the attitude that is reflected in dealing with the consumers. All I need was a working phone, and Samsung has made it extremely unreasonable beyond tolerance.
Hui Ying

12 March, 2012

Wong Fu in Singapore

Another belated entry because according to work ethics, I can't blog about pictures/events before I release them on Facebook. So here's the Wong Fu Productions visit to Singapore!

We had a chance to interview them in a car - http://www.clicknetwork.tv/watch.aspx?c=5&p=36&v=726 - and also filmed them during their talk at Suntec Shopping Mall Rock Auditorium. I love media pass!

I didn't get a chance to blog about AJ Rafael Red Roses concert tour in Singapore, but I really enjoyed that because the pass we had allowed us to go backstage! In fact, we made it to the theatre via the backstage, to the stage, and jump down from the stage to the stall seats to set up our camera. It was a fun entrance indeed. (:

Anyway! This is the first event that I'm using a DSLR, so I took photo of the media pass discreetly at my seat for a warm up.

I was seated at the first row middle seats, so I saw Philip and Wesley upclose! They are so funny and real. I like that YouTubers who come to Singapore hold events where people can really see them upclose.
Anyway, the event was all about them talking and showcasing their videos, and while I hated Philip before the event (act cool in my sense), I grew to like him during the talk! I guess it's always great to see people being serious with their work. And it wasn't that he's trying too hard - that's just the way he is! New found respect for him and his pride in his work.

Managed to capture the above shot of Wesley looking distressed, and I'm really proud of it! (:

 你拍我,我拍你,We are happy family~

Check it out yo! They looked into my camera! I'm so happy! Wahaha.

I had actually gone to the toilet before the show started, and bumped into Phil. Just that I was preoccupied thinking about taking photos with DSLR, that it didn't occur to me to wave and say hi! Damn paiseh when I realised that I didn't react, only when I returned to my seat. Talk about wols!

After the talk, I took some photos of the meet and greet session that was conducted in a haste due to time constraint. I really appreciate their talent and success, and wish that I can be touring like them too someday. =')

Have I said that it's also my first time in Rock Auditorium? The Toys 'R' Us on the top floor is also gone, from the last time I visited. Sad. But it shows how long I haven't been there.

I've never liked America, but if I ever do have a chance to visit, I wanna visit the Wong Fu people and Shane Dawson! Maybe KevJumba too, I got to admit that. Heh.

I guess meeting these stars are one bonus of my work that I can't complain about. But it takes A LOT to keep myself calm when I'm starstruck and having fireworks explosion in my heart! Not to mention the number of glares I get for being able to stand close to them in the media area. Wahaha.

It's all worthwhile.

11 March, 2012




你推我挤,我们最多是被踩、步伐由不得自己控制。老人,无论是站着还是在欧南园(Outram Park)150米地下通道行走都很艰辛,在你推我挤中更有可能无力地被撞倒在地。

10 March, 2012

Kony 2012

如果你还没听说“Joseph Kony”,那你就OUT了。
If you haven't heard of Joseph Kony by now, you probably live in a cave.

这周的新闻焦点忽然转向乌干达的游击队首领Joseph Kony,全都源于一个深触人心的纪录片。
Joseph Kony has been in the limelight of the news this week, and it all began with a well-done documentary.

04 March, 2012


Latest Twitter trend - #SGstudentsalways

Thought that was a funny trend because... we really SAY a lot of rubbish as students!

"Wah study until damn sian..."
- when we are doing Ten-Year Series exercises (Yes, it was TYS during my time)

"Walao eh damn killer!"
- after an exam paper that's really tough and unexpected

"What time you sleep last night?"
- competing to be the one who slept the least, as if it means that you studied harder

"Cher, can postpone test or not? We have three tests this week and a lot of homework eh!"
- always attempting to get teachers to postpone tests

"Eh you know what XXX get?" / "I think XXX scored the highest..."
- pretend not to care about someone's grade, but try to find out from his/her friends behind their backs. Especially those competitive students. But the XXX often finds out what you're doing. #fail

"I need to stop procrastinating"
- often said, hardly happens

"No, you are opaque."
- trying to be funny when the teacher asks "Class, have I made myself clear?"

"Can don't go/buy or not~"
- when teachers announce excursions or expect us to buy some out-of-our-league storybooks. Especially literature.

Gone were the funny days, but the best thing said got to be from my E Maths teacher, when we said that prime factorisation very sian.

"Don't tell me you sian. I've been teaching this same syllabus for 10 years, if you sian, I am sian to the power of sian!"

Suddenly remembered some funny phrases/made-up words that went around in our school!

ALAF - Act Like A Fool
Joker in class does something stupid, and someone else exclaims "HAHA, ALAF ah you!"

When our teacher assigns homework. I have no idea why they said that though.

Kena owned
Not really sure what that meant...

Go fly kite lah you!
Buzz off.

Said when the class gets back an exam paper, and someone who didn't study for the paper did really well. Means something like... did well by chance/luck.

手机(第二场) · Mobile Phone (Round 2)

Sent Samsung an email around 9am this morning, and the customer service person called me back at 1pm.

Conclusion is... They are going to exchange a new handset for me.

I have to surrender my current phone though. Another catch is... I have to wait for two to three weeks.

Feels like I won a battle, but it seems too early to celebrate for now.

Also attempted to utilize my phone today, but it restarted itself close to 10 times from 9am to 11pm so far.


One last point to add - Although I'm really angry, but I genuinely appreciate the fact that they replied despite the fact that it's Sunday.

手机 · Mobile Phone

这两周因为手机的问题很心烦。I've been really vexed because of my mobile phone lately.

My phone has been going into SOD (Sleep Of Death) frequently since three weeks ago. But I've never been the type of person willing to send things for repair, so I kept telling myself, maybe it's just an occasional glitch.

However, the problem persisted for a week, and started to affect me. I never knew when my phone was going to shut down, and when that happens, I couldn't be contacted.

在无可奈何的情况下,我到多美歌的Samsung Galaxy店面找职员求助。
Feeling really helpless, I went to Samsung Galaxy store to seek technical assistance.

A girl at the reception heard what I had to explain, and simply said maybe your phone needs a software update. You can get it back an hour later.

I went back to the store after work feeling all hopeful, but to my dismay, the phone became more problematic when I was at the claiming counter, and had problems to even just start up.

I still chose to believe that maybe I am the paranoid one, and believed the staff when she told me that your phone is repaired. So I took and left.

The phone began the same old shut-down-and-Im-not-telling-you problem even before I left Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. Maybe I am paranoid? I decided to test it out for a night.

To my disappointment, the problem became WORST. Before sending for repair and update, my phone would shut off by itself, but all I had to do was switch it on again. At least my information, apps and settings were still intact. After the so-called repair, my phone resets itself, all settings and whatnot, every single time after it shuts down.

I went back to the repair shop two days later, this time around determined not to let them patronise me at the reception.

Maybe because of my foul mood, I felt like the staff there wasn't very sincere, and in a local sense, very anyhow. The last thing they conveyed was assurance. Just because you take my phone and battery, and return my phone cover in a neatly taped plastic bag, means that your service is good and sincere. The core of customer service is attitude.

(Right) Returning my phone cover in a plastic bag
(Bottom Left) Service Order Sheet: I said 6-7 problems, and the person only typed 4. Pfft.
(Top Left) The box my phone came back in, but it felt more like a coffin as problems persist. 

The staff told me that they would send my phone to my house three days later, when they are done servicing it. Honestly speaking? Delivery isn't such a bonus to me. Meh.

If the phone can truly be repaired, I don't mind making an hour-long trip ONCE. With such horrible customer service, I hate to even go once, not to mention twice. So I told the employee to make sure my phone gets a thorough check, because I don't want to go back for a THIRD time. Keep the phone however long you want/have/need to.

I received my phone yesterday evening. But the same shutting down problem started two hours later.

I'm really upset with the problem, because I should not be on the receiving end of a company's incapability to repair their technology.

This is the first phone I bought for myself with my own hard-earned money, and thus means a lot to me. It has barely survived 10 months.

I've been a loyal user/fan of Samsung eversince my first mobile phone back in 2005. But now that I look back, it's apparent that the lifespan of their phones is getting shorter by the generation. At least, from what I've used.

Just emailed Samsung company, and I really wish that I'd get a decent response from the staff. For now, seems like there's gonna be a third trip to Samsung tomorrow...

I'd keep this space updated on how the servicing goes.. and find out if you should ever get a Samsung phone in the future.

02 March, 2012

个性 · Character



在中学时期,班主任的评语也总离不开"needs better time management"。