30 June, 2012

MSP Revisited

Had the chance to revisit Munkysuperstar and have lunch with the loviees!

First thing I want to talk about is... NUDGE.

Looking back, I felt a little bad that I told boss that it's sfer that Nudge doesn't have another hamster with her. That's because my primary school friend once told me that her hamster 1 killed her hamster 2, and she only realised one morning when she woke up and saw that hamster 1 bit hamster 2 until it's all bloody and she could see its organs.


That sounds super scary.

Now I feel abit guilty, as if I deprived her of her right to socialise. At least dogs have Caesar Milan. Nudge how? So I can only give her massage and bring her out and around for a breather when I visit.

One thing I know is that I have no affinity with pets and babies. But Nudge is the first one that's so obedient and calm on my hands, and has neither bit nor pooped when I played with her on Friday. Until my colleague fed her food while on my palms. Lol. She pooped just a little bit.

Okay, enough about the hamster.
Going back to MSP, honestly, took abit of courage. What if things changed? What if they didn't like me that much anymore? What if things get awkward? What is expected of me?

There's a certain amount of pressure that made me not sleep well the night before.

But arriving at office.. it was just nice to see those faces again. ((:

See boss previewing Now You Know that Cherie's editing...

...see Suzie at Chortle...

...see Daniel editing random things..

Steph at her desk and Brina too.

I got a photo of Cherie and Suzie having a brief discussion, Steph looking for some stationery (omg I had to google this word to be sure) and Brina showed me that they were using some chic tissue boxes for a change, haha.

Brina and I were also at that same spot for another reason, but I don't think that's convenient to explain on a public blog, hahaha.
We had lunch at Ramen Champion at the new Bugis+ aka ex-iluma. So glad boss didn't pay for the meal, otherwise I would have felt very guilty.

As usual, Cherie doesn't want the egg, boss takes the egg white and I take the yolk. Plus a lot of chatting and laughter. (:

When we paid and left, we had to wait for each other. Then boss and Cherie saw the following poster of the six chefs and were discussing their preferences, aka who they think is the hottest amongst the six.

First I have to say, sorry to the six Japanese guys, but it was all just good and harmless fun.
It was a 3:3, with three of us choosing the guy on the extreme left, and the other three choosing the one with a headband.

But the funniest answers were from Steph and Brina.

Brina chose the first guy on the left, as well as the third guy from the right, which made us all burst out into laughter cos that guy really... 长得不怎么样。Haha. Our laughter caught the attention of the cashier guy who came forward to make sure that nothing is wrong with the poster. Then we damn paiseh, and left quickly, lol.

Steph is the oldest (factually, not descriptively) in the company, so before she came, we were betting that she would choose the guy on the extreme right. When Steph came, she commented that the guy on extreme left is the hottest... and the one on extreme right is hot but 可惜 too old.

Then we were like, YEAH OUR GUESS WAS RIGHT! LOL.

Boss and Cherie went to take some photos for scene, we had a little chat, and then boss said she has to go for meeting..
So I went back to office but... I also dunno what to say. So I just walked around and played with Nudge while Brina and Dan cleaned her cage. ^_^

Play until boss returned from meeting... then I left. :')

Going back to visit, and then finally visiting click website made me understand a lot of things.

That it's still possible to be friends even after I leave (thank you Sinli for telling me that's possible in the first place), and that I see even better as of why I needed to leave.

It feel like I died and revisited the place, just to see the past better. I'm glad I made a courageous decision that I know would be best for both parties. =')

Trip to Zoo!

After pestering everyone I know that I want to go to the zoo, a savior finally came by!
Thank you Connie. (:

We went to the zoo in the morning, and I feel a bit bad because a few hours before Connie's text message, I received message from my boss inviting me to go back to work on the same day to have lunch with the bunch.
So end up Connie took leave to go zoo with me, but she still has to wake early in the morning on her leave day. Thank you and sorry! But she made me wait for... 1 hour? Yeah. So we're equals now. Muahaha.
Awesome Connie managed to get the ticket + tram ride for $14 instead of $25! But I forgot to return her the money. Must remember!!!!
The first animal we saw when we got to the zoo was the monkey. Monkeysssss. So nice that they were not separated from us by any barrier, but at the same time, I got abit paranoid whenever we reach any place that has a mass land of trees, afraid that they would swing by above our heads anytime.

Saw a family holding hands and walking in a line... abit inconsiderate, but more importantly, it's such a sweet sight!
I seriously think that such places are awesome alternatives to shopping malls where it's awkward to wait around for family shopping together. Going to places like zoo are so much more enjoyable because we'd all enjoy the same surprises.

Well, that's if you don't have a momo like mine who doesn't like animals lah hor. ~_~||

Saw the tapir! Super fail at first because I was looking into the area, and it stood in a corner, and I thought there's nothing. Camouflage WIN!

Saw the white tiger next. I love the white tigers but... the way that tiger was pacing by the edge was abit scary. Because the wooden track leading to its section showed that a tiger can prance damn far with one shot. It was pacing back and forth looking at us human beings and I was worried it would LEAP FORWARD and kill us!

When we left the area, Connie saw that the white tigers were sponsored by... Tiger beer. T_T||

Entered the pygmy hippo section. Pygmy means that it's the smallest of its kind! But I saw the damn sad fishes that are barely moving. They are just there as you see in the picture below, not moving AT ALL! I didn't even get to use high shutter speed yo.
....and yeah, you can see me in the reflection. Incidental 自拍.

Saw some reptiles but I don't know if it's just that caged animals are just plainly sad, or if it's just too early in the morning... but they are all so inactive. Connie even asked me if the lizard thingy below was a statue or a real animal. I presumed the latter.
Else I'm quite dumb to be taking the photo.... right?? =/

The photo below is such a good thin-spiration!
"Lie down watching TV and stone all day,
and you'll have a fat tummy like I do."

Snake head! V-face yo. *envious*

We were quite excited to get behind the wooden doors from the reptile section into the kangeroos section! But being a coward as I am, I was afraid the kangeroos would jump at me!

End up they were separated from the walkway by wooden logs and... they were barely moving around too.
Apparently they can leap up to 13m far each time, and they can only move around with both legs together on land. (I didn't know they can swim!)
But Connie was disappointed because they aren't as big in size as she had expected them to be.

I love elephants! 大象~ 大象~ 你的鼻子怎么那么长~ (:

I got super close to this elephant! But it was drinking water, and I was afraid it would spray water at the audience (aka Connie and I) after it sucks the water up its trunk! Okay, watched too much drama.
But they are really HUGE and cute! I like how they appear to be the most active of the bunch of animals we saw too.
Saw the sealion performance at the new Nature Fights Back show!

I would love to cuddle that sealion. I did take video of its awesome performance! ^_^
Then Connie and I got hungry, and went to the new Ah Meng cafe for late breakfast. The porridge is well-cooked but cost $5.50 abit too expensive lor. =/ Tourist to-go always overpriced. Not good.
Then we finally got on the tram ride, because the sun was too hot, and I was running abit late for lunch at workplace... End up we forgot to alight at the right stop, and the tram went two rounds around all stops before we alighted.
We went into the souvenir shop to literally 转一圈before cabbing to MSP, arriving minutes late.
Thank you Connie once again! =D
And this is like one of the most current and positive entry I did this year. =)
I'm gonna go again for a full day to enjoy spending time with all the rest of the animals and areas we didn't have time to cover!

Guess I'm right to say that I'm not the only one whose trips to the zoo happened only back in primary school during school excursions?

Yeah, but the zoo has changed so much since the last time I visited. It's so much more interactive and amazing now, but the animals are significantly more inactive, which is a bit sad. =(

Now it's time to look forward to the pandas coming to Singapore. ((:

24 June, 2012

Where is Matt? 2012

Just watched this viral video where the guy visits different countries and places, learning different dances, and thought it's nice to share it here-

23 June, 2012

New Media


Andrew Garcia: YTF is about different varieties of talent, and we just put all that talent, what we do, into an album.



Interviewer: Lately I've been seeing a lot of YouTube celebrities getting together, working together, why is that?

Ryan Higa: Because we are all friends. We all think that the YouTube community is one community, and we shouldn't be going against each other, we should be working towards the same cause. It should be new media, new media is a team.


04 June, 2012

Cool Sites for Procrastination

Saw an entry on Cool Websites on scene.sg, and I decided to do my own entry of interesting sites that are accomplices of youth procrastination!

1. F My Life

A site that allows users to share recounts that are funny to read, unless it happened to yourself.

Today, I had an unbearable itch on my foot that I could not make go away with my nails, so I grabbed the stapler in my drawer to scratch it with.Bad idea. FML

Have fun rating the entries either I agree, your life sucks or You deserved it.
If you love the site, also check out the FML app that provides entertainment on the go! Also available as Android widget so that you can read random submissions when you have just 30 seconds to spare.