28 February, 2013

Ah Boys To Men

My original plan was to post up Meet Up with BFFs Part TWO yesterday, but some stuff cropped up and I have to settle them these few days. 

Not to mention that I'm changing some things up for YOLOsg.com, so the encoding is taking abit of time, etc. 

So here's a quick post about Ah Boys To Men! Many people are elated that Jack Neo announced a part 3, but now that the lead guy went to Melbourne.. I hope they will get him back for it somehow. It's no fun when characters are changed in sequels. 

But I have to say... I sort of saw that coming. Because I watched their production videos on YouTube, and one of the actors, when commenting about ABTM2, said that ABTM1 is just the appetizer,

and he adds that...

So I wasn't too surprised at Jack Neo's announcement. Wouldn't even be surprised if they plan it.

To be fair, it would be very embarrassing if they announce 3-part movie and then flop right? So the way things worked out, it's only logical to keep it a hush.

Yeah. On a random note... Somehow the movie made me notice that Tosh guy. Kind of like him. And that hardcore who wants to be the best recruit.

He's not eyecandy, not anything, just.. his aura bah. Kind of cool.

25 February, 2013

My Anger with Vividoll

I was suppose to blog something really happy tonight, but... I think this is a matter I need to address. And also, let this be a warning to my friends who love blogshopping.

 (An important review, if you're considering buying from them.)

I saw this blogshop on Facebook ad some time before Chinese New Year.

To be honest, I was really impressed by their site and how clear their explanations are. They made it clear which are the in stocks and which ones are preorder, or whatever you call it.

So I made a purchase of three items from them, expecting to receive them in a week or so, in time for the festive break.

In-Stock? Maybe. We'll let you know if you bug us.

Days after my payment was confirmed, I did not receive any news from them. Being the first purchase, I was worried and decided to check with them about the status of my purchase. Only then did they tell me that oh two of the three items are out of stock. And, by the way, despite the CNY promotion, your items will not reach in time.

So for the first point, they are NOT reliable. Even if they say something is an in-stock on their site, maybe it isn't.

We'll send it, whether you like it or not.

I was asking them about refunding all items altogether, only to not receive any response. Some time later, they replied saying they can't cancel my last order and by-the-way, your item has been sent anyway.

I didn't appreciate they handle the situation, and my friend suggested that I refuse to sign the parcel when it arrives because I didn't have to. They sent it without my consent. I can, right?

But I didn't. Because I understand it's the peak season and it's going to cause them trouble.

To be fair, the item is okay.

Refund takes forever.. literally.

After the purchase, I was waiting for the refund. A staff member by the name of Nic emailed me asking for bank account number to "forward to our financial department".

No news after that. So I email again.

"Forward to our financial department again"

Email again.

No news.

Email again.

"it seems like you did not reply with your bank account details"

I DID. I have the screenshots. But they said sorry, so I sent it again anyway.

No news.

What's so difficult about a refund, really? I can understand if a blogshop takes forever to reply about an item exchange, or order status. But to actually take close to a MONTH for a refund?

True, it's probably a small sum. True, at least I received the item.

But I think it's their attitude problem and customer service that really infuriate me. I had to leave a message on their Facebook page, and of course, I expected them to delete it. But at least have the DECENCY to send a message to follow up on the matter.

No nothing.

Aside from another blogshop owner by the name of Mandy, vintage-bombshell scammer, this is probably one of the MOST infuriating, disappointing and horrible online shopping experience of mine to date.

I've shopped at tens of blogshops since secondary school days, so that is saying something.

If you hate blogshops that take FOREVER to process stuff, and wouldn't let you know about OOS for ages until you ask, then yeah, avoid them at all cost.


24 hours after this post, 1 public Facebook message, 3 emails and 3 tweets later, Vividoll finally processed the refund. No sorry, no nothing. I'm just glad it's over and done with. 

24 February, 2013

Meet Up with BFFs! Part ONE


Meeting up with besties during my "depressions" is one of the best cure. Back in my younger days, I used to secretly compare if I have more friends than others. Much later on, I realized that quantity doesn't matter. What's important is having friends who are there for you when you need them.


February is the month of Valentine's Day! I also happen to chance upon a really cute Elmo card on Pinterest, so I made one for bestie myself.




Store-bought gifts are, in my opinion, not comparable to DIY gifts. So when I have enough time, I'd try to make something DIY for my friends, in this case, a blue day box.

I know that life hasn't been easy for her since uni life started, so I made her this in hope of making her smile whenever she feels down.

If you know someone who could do with a little spare happiness, try this! It's pretty simple!


To make this gift more practical, I added a paperclip so that she can clip some post-its or something.


The gift is a little small for the box, so I cut up the leftover paper into curly-wurlys as filler.


A simple box design!

后来我们约在一家日本经营的意大利餐馆,一起吃晚餐。起初吸引我的是虾沙拉,因为Delifrance和Suki Sushi都已经不卖这道了。另外,很多佳肴标的价都是NETT,比较没有1.17的心理负担。

还有!!在PizzaHut $3.90可以加汤和一杯汽水,在Saizeriya的$3.90,有一碗沙拉,还有自助站,添水添到你尿失禁~ 开玩笑啦。哈哈哈~ 为了面子问题,总是不喜欢一直麻烦服务员添水嘛,自助站最好了,添到神不知鬼不觉。

We met at a Saizeriya, a Japanese chain of Italian restaurant. The first thing that attracted my attention was their shrimp salad, because Delifrance and Suki Sushi have stopped selling my favorite prawn salad. Secondly, many prices stated in their menu are NETT prices, so there's no psychological pressure of 1.17.

ALSO!! For $3.90, you get a soup of the day and fizzy drink at Pizza Hut. At Saizeriya, I get a bowl of salad, as well as free flow of drinks at a self-service booth where you can get refills until your bladder bursts! Hahaha~ Usually in ATAS places where they say free flow.. You'll feel paiseh asking the waitress to refill. In this case, you can refill without anyone judging you!! Awesomez.


I have to say, though, their main feature dishes consist of bacon and beef. I ordered a chicken dish, one of the very few choices, and it's not bad too. The portion's right, and their side dish corn is also very very well-prepared! Goes to show how meticulous they are, not just with the main, but also the sidekicks.

以上是我的芝士鸡扒($6.90 NETT);以下是朋友的芝士香肠($3.90 NETT)。

The dish on top is my Cheese Chicken Steak ($6.90 NETT); The dish below is my friend's Cheese Chicken Sausage ($3.90 NETT).



I highly recommend this food outlet! I hope they don't close down anytime soon~~~

You can view their complete and humanly-comprehensible menu here - http://www.saizeriya.com.sg/our-menu/


Spotted this yellow bird from my window one day, and took a photo. Super cool!

21 February, 2013

新年来咯!Happy CNY! Part TWO

Separated my CNY post into two because

(1) I'm afraid it would be too lengthy and jam up some people's browsers
(2) I was too tired to continue.

Haha. Okay! I shall continue!


We actually went to a funeral of my mother's good friend. I haven't been to a church since my graduation from church kindergarten so the feeling was quite... surreal.


Went to visit Ah Sim, and I spotted a super cute and lazy cat at the void deck/lift lobby! Momo was walking towards it while I was preparing my camera, so I went into the "妈妈!!等一下!!不要太大声!"mode for fear that she will scare the cat away.

But turns out, the cat was super chill la! I had the chance to go super near and take photo. The cats in that estate always very chill sia. More interesting than zoo.

And here's a candid shot of my Ah Sim!

After that visit, we went out for lunch together. Since the start of CNY, my stomach had been a real prankster, so I started to feel very uncomfortable after the meal. Bro and I went home, while they went to visit my parents de garden.

Later that evening, my parents' friend came to our house to bainian! Well.. We didn't do spring cleaning for nothing. Heh.

And the auntie brought along her daughter and newborn son! She told us some stories about the baby, and how astoundingly cooperative he is. For example, he was quite weak, so she brewed some Chinese medicine for him. Those black liquid... You'll know what I mean if you've ever got a prescription from sinseh.  So it's super gross stuff!!!

But she said he just drank without any complain, and he didn't even cry! Super hilarious! Something I can never do. 

You know how newborn siblings would steal the limelight in face of strangers and visitors? I guess it's always harder to be the elder, to have a bigger heart and tolerate being... neglected at times. But I have to say, that elder sister was quite gracious, and also showered her little brother with love.

Apparently they are about 7 years of age apart. Wow.

My dad has a super uber soft spot for babies so throughout the whole visit he was just playing (and partial terrorizing) the baby.

Funny thing happened, when the baby gently gripped my dad's palm... then lowered his little face... AND BITE MY DAD WHILE HE WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION.

Suddenly my dad was like, "OUCH! OW!! OW!!! You bite me~~"

Super hilarious. Apparently he assumed that the baby hasn't grown any teeth yet. Bwahahaha~~

But after biting he faster let go and give my dad a super innocent face la. So no one blames him. Awww...

Another funny incident is that his momo was telling us, her hubby taught their children the snake's fist (O_O?). So after that the baby keep using the snake handsign poke people and play the keyboard in our living room.

He concluded his kungfu session with a signature kungfu pose. Super cute laaa~!

Side by side comparison. 
Kungfu panda picture credit: opposethetrend.blogspot.com

After that he started to feel sleepy so... end of show!

While the adults were talking.. I was kinda hungry and bored. So I went to my brother's room and sneaked out a cup of milk tea from China! Since he's not around.. I should finish them for him... right?

I'm so nice, I know right...

Dinner that night was bakwa plus porridge. Momo took the time to cut into small pieces and snack nicely for me! So I had to make her effort count, by taking an artsy photo. (:

That more or less concludes my CNY. This year I got 12 angbaos, with a total of about $350. Kept the red packets my parents gave, and deposited the rest into my account liao. More Cotton On shopping! To be fair, I have to, because there are four weddings this year. Need nice clothes!! Hahaha

Ending with a photo of my big face! Really thanks to the Watsons Collagen Day Cream, my complexion was better than usual! I used it as a night cream, because I have oily skin, and the formula is oily. Would make my face look shiny in the day. But the effect is good! 

Some tips on Staying cough-free and sorethroat-free after excessive festive snacking-

1. Chew Properly
Chew your chips into small pieces before you swallow them, and will have less chances of cutting your mouth or tongue by accident, causing inflammation, swelling, throat discomfort.

2. Drink salt water
As in, Warm water + salt. Good to fix heaty symptoms.

3. Cure after every indulgence.
After eating chips, drink water. Drink LOTS of water. Or Pipagao. Or honey with lemon drink. Don't wait till your throat starts feeling tight and itchy. It's too late then. 

4. Keep in Balance
If you had super sweet stuff, drink some bitter herbal tea later. If it's super salty stuff, drink more water. No scientific basis, but think of it as a balance la. Too much of anything is never good.

That concludes my CNY blogpost! Woohoo!! =D

I had muchhh fun editing the photos. (:

20 February, 2013

Rant: 6.9million in Singapore

Been catching up on the news about the White Paper recently, and it does bother me too.

To be completely honest, I don't read the news everyday, I don't understand politics completely, but one thing I can be sure of, is how my feelings for this country has changed over the years.

Singapore used to be a place I call home. As was stated on the wall of my primary school, Singapore is our homeland. This is where we belong.

Years ago when I was a little child, Singapore was The Place to be. I enjoyed life because food is cheap and  it felt good to be home. Heck, I even enjoyed the leaders' debates about Singlish.

At then, leaving Singapore was never an option I'd consider. Not the least bit.

It's the sense of belonging that the country and National Education gave us.

Then when I grew up, I started to understand parts of the bigger picture - why people say Singapore's General Elections were "no kick", and I remember seeing candidates carrying a leader in a walkover celebration.

The first time I saw a foreign student, was in primary five. My primary school accepted a transfer student from China, who became pretty good friends with me. She aced her academic studies and was really outspoken. That was the first time, we felt the gap between their standard and our standards.

During PSLE results release, she was, of course, the top scorer. The second top scorer was a local and I remember some whinings that "had there not been a foreign transfer student, that local kid would be invited back to school ceremony the following year". Same for secondary school.

The issue slowly surfaced on newspaper, and our leaders call it a policy to raise our standards. That it was nothing to worry, because once we catch up, we can be comparable to them.

Secondary school years came. As people from my generation would know, at the end of Secondary 2, we have to choose from a series of Set Meals the school has designated - double/triple/combined Science, A/E Maths, pure/double/single Humanities.

McDonald's Set Meals were good. Because I could change a drink, upsize my fries, add cheese to my burger. Ultimately, decide what I want and what's best for me. Not in these Set Meals though.

One thing I knew then, was that I really loved Chinese. Way earlier in Secondary 3, I've decided that Chinese Studies in Ngee Ann Polytechnic would be my aim.

I've opted for Chinese Literature for Secondary 3, because I thought that would give me an edge when it comes to JAE.

I didn't get any news from school, even heard rumor that there's not going to be Chinese Literature class because "there wasn't enough students".

That's a pity, but a valid reason, right?

Next thing I noticed, was seeing a group of China students taking Chinese Literature in our school.

So apparently there was this course. Maybe I wasn't good enough. Maybe I would pull the statistics down.

But what was schooling for in the first place?

School's statistics, value-added awards, accolades and rankings?

That if a student in Hougang isn't good enough to meet any aggregate scores, he'll have to travel to other areas for schooling?

Not to mention, I had a friend who wanted to go Anderson Secondary School, but screwed up his PSLE. But for "face sake", the mother insisted him to go Anderson Normal Academic, instead of a neighbourhood school Express stream.

What exactly has the education system done to the students?

Aside from those who do well enough to be on stage, Aces listed on projector screen, how has it benefited the rest of us?

Polytechnic years were the best of my youth, partially because all the foreign students have gone to Junior Colleges. We were competing on equal level grounds.

But looking back, I can't help but feel sorry for our younger generations. During my time, if you liked basketball, you could join the bunch and play during recess, after school. After my generation, they had the Catch Them Young programme, putting "potential" kids in bright orange t-shirts.

How can you be so sure? How about the rest? How do you expect them to bond and grow as equals?

But the way I look at it, it's a sign of how our country changed. For that small group of elites and successful people, the rest of us have to pay the price, be the spectators, cheer for them, be seen and not heard.

In a sense, we've always lived here believing Singapore is THE PLACE to be. As kids, some of us laughed at Made In China, as is with many online chatter.

That changed, when I had the chance to go China for cultural immersion programme for four months.

Trivial as it may seem,

1) Their bus fare was 20cents regardless distance
2) On rainy days, there's a guard at mall entrance with fully automated plastic sealing machine for wet umbrellas
3) Their speed of loading Baidu is way faster than our local internet speed
4) The part of their university where we lived was a "town" on its own, with basic toiletries, food stalls, hangout spots, bookstores, ticketing booth, tour company outlet, post office, ATMs, market and even electronics store. [Don't tell me you have Cheers in your uni. That's just sad.]

It was a sound wake up call for us, the Singaporean students.

I guess that's why they say students who have been overseas have a wider horizon.

When we came back to Singapore, some of us realized that China isn't laughable, compared to our state of being here.

Seeing how SMRT is making a profit, and still sees the need to increase fares, seeing how we are losing sight of locals and they still want to bring in more foreigners, seeing how our media hasn't evolved in fairness, I can't help but feel a little disappointed.

I don't think it's right to blame the government for everything, but EXACTLY what right have we got?

I have friends who want to bake in their free time and make a little pocket money, but the rules state that a bunch of limitations and conditions.

I thought they encouraged entrepreneurship in youths? How is it that we could sell what we bake in school, yet we can't sell what we bake at home?

I'm glad that Singapore has evolved in the sense that our buses are mostly air-conditioned by now, we have more MRT stations, more bus services and all.

But why do we not feel as safe as we did, why do we feel like we don't belong and why do we feel unhappy so often now?

Exactly what has changed?

I've met people who asked, what's so whine-worthy about a 2-cent increase in bus fare?

Well, that matters when you have to take 4 buses to and fro work, earning meager sum to support 2 kids and the family.

How many of our MPs actually experience waking up at 6am, boarding a crowded bus with a laptop in hand and bulky backpack, stand on the bus from Seng Kang to Bukit Timah Road, suffering the anxiety of being late when your bus gets caught in the Lornie Road jam and dammit Jalan Anak Bukit car accident jam?

Don't tell me holding on the pole on a not-so-crowded train is your "daily life experience". Not even close.

How is it that Polytechnic school fees are ridiculously higher than Junior Colleges, but we have to pay more for our bus concession?

Why am I taught that D&T is not an option for me, because "it's for the Normal stream students"?

Do you stop people from dancing because they are not good dancers, or do you allow them to embrace their interests and learn to be part of a team?

Does a "Singapore team" comprise of "a group of elites of the very best", or does it comprise of "people from all walks of life with a common interest"?

Why do we live our lives like a competition in this society?

With Polytechnic, University debts, marriage expenses, family planning costs and HDB loans, how do you expect us to cope? How worse can it get?

How can we embrace changes, if changes uproot what we have and who we are from the beginning? We embrace foreigners when they are present sparingly, not when they drown out the locals.

We object the casino, but there they are.

The White Paper caused an uproar, but it's like our roar is a mere mew-ing that was waved aside as a no big deal.

People say we have a right of say in our country, for our future. They say we have responsibilities too.

But where do we begin?

新年来咯!Happy CNY! Part ONE

Chinese New Year came and left pretty quick, even though we had a special long holiday over the weekend till Tuesday. After being so used to being alone at home, it was a nice feeling to have everyone around and hear all the noise at home.

As Kimjioon was leaving for Holland at the end of January, we had an early reunion dinner + gathering, so that he can be part of the party. (:

He bought a Tefal hot plate, which finally came into use, aside from the two steamboats we had that night.

Kimjioon and I ended up spending most of our time at the grilling station to cook all the awesome food for everyone! There were Teriyaki Chicken, salmon, streaky bacon, back bacon, hotdogs, satay, etc.

The feast ended with a vegetarian Yusheng, and a family photo. This is the first time we took a photo together like this, as far as I remember.

OH! A tip for people like me who can't eat spicy stuff - 

Sometimes it's inevitable that you eat spicy stuff in Yusheng, so what you can do is to make sure that you include a biscuit (the one in Yusheng!) in EVERY bite, and somehow it would neutralize the chilli/ginger strips! It works!

Not to mention, Yusheng is one of those rare messy dishes that I eat. And enjoy. :D

And some days after Kimjioon finally left for Holland, I followed my parents to a temple we've been going to for over ten years by now.

They were busy decorating for the Chinese New Year visits by followers.

So apparently some time ago, my mum was working there as a volunteer, and she came across someone who was comtemplating suicide. My momo was glad to be of help to her, but didn't think much of it.

So just before CNY, we received a call from the temple staff member, saying that the lady came again, and asked to pass a bag of CNY goodies with a thank you note for my mum.

It's nice to know that you can save someone's life. Also, good to know when people are grateful. =)

This being the year of snakes, the temple prepared a lot of cuddlies and goodies for the celebrations.

But... my #FirstWorldProblem was that the tentage was hot pink, and messed up all the colors in my photos. So I had to do a manual white balance on my camera under that lighting. Looked okay on camera, but when I came home... Still had to photoshop abit.

One of the main features of the temple decorations is that they always try to use authentic decors. Instead of normal plates, they'd try and find those authentic/vintage baskets, holders, etc. So for those elderly people who visit the temple, they'll find the decors nostalgic. 


Our original plan was to have a reunion dinner at our favourite vegetarian restaurant. Despite our effort to book a table weeks in advance, we were told that they were already fully booked. D=

But it goes to show just how AWESOME that restaurant is. I'll share more details and photos of that place later, because we went there for 初一 dinner afterall!

So Plan B, was to have reunion dinner in our home again! But this time around we had more experience and panicked less.

In hopes of getting the freshest ingredients, we ended up going NTUC just the night before reunion dinner... which turned out to be a terrible decision!!!

BECAUSE THE CROWD WAS CRAZY. It's almost as if a war's gonna take place and everyone is buying food ration in advance. The queue at the counters were crazy, plus the fact that many cashiers were closed because aunties had to take leave for their own reunion dinner preparations.

But anyway I headed to the frozen food section, only to realized that the satay chicken was sold out!! Not even pork!! All that's left was beef. T_T

Thank goodness though, we managed to get the raw Teriyaki Chicken and bacon, which saved us the trouble of food preparation like marination and stuff.

It's the same old grilling machine.. BUT!!

We haz the grease absorbent foil! Upgraded~~

The awesomez ABC steamboat broth...

My dad's favourite seafood and stuff.

Magua's favorite RUFFLES CHEDDAR!!

Last year it was sold out and out of stock WAAAAY before CNY!! So we were really elated to find a pack at the NTUC counter!!! =DDDD

Momo also fried some homemade dumplings... or whatever you call it. I have no idea.

Just before Magua's wifey's family arrived for the dinner, our Indian neighbours knocked on our door and gave us her homemade goodies! And the brownies, because her son's apparently striving to be a home baker. Previously he also made muffins for me elder bro, which was really nice of them!

One policy of HDB that made sense was to allocate apartments such that there's minority on our level. It's always nice when they drop by with their festive goodies, or we exchange presents during their celebrations.

Is it obvious that I've been learning some tricks of food photography? Hehe. At least I think my food photos are looking better lately. :D

Part of the credit goes to PINTEREST!!! 

Pinterest is my latest addiction, because there's so much to learn from the site! It's like.. blogging concised, twitter elaborated, instagram that's more meaningful and educational. 

And not surprisingly, we ended the reunion dinner with another round of Yusheng, this time prepared by my brother and his wifey. [I keep typing girlfriend, and then have to backspace and correct myself.]

Bro was daaamn high lah, keep adding a lot of pomelo bits. If you ever add it, please choose SOUR de pomelo so that it complements the dish! Don't choose sweet de hor!

Snapped the last picture above because it looked quite funny, everyone had the same pose, hahaha!

Before the smartphone era, we use to kaobeh because people are so fixated on TV and communicated less. Now, we're just glad when people would break away from their phones and watch TV together!

Is that considered a drop in standard? Hurhurhur.


Uh.. CNY was all about eating. =X Plus the fact that we don't have that many relatives to visit.

Dad drove us to the vegetarian restaurant that evening!

Me momo, all pretty and cheery. The lighting at Rio Vista roadside is really good for photography!

And then... Of course, the smartphone geeks start configuring and comparing different functions and whatnot, including my bro's wifey's momo.

We had to wait a little while for our food at the restaurant, so we had some fun taking photos, chatting and stuff. Bro's wifey's momo also whipped out her camera phone to take photo of me bro!

And if you notice, his hand is in that old school V-shape to "trim his face". HAHAHA!

Okay so here's the food at the VEGETARIAN restaurant! The snacks include a dish of peanuts and ah-char. But the ah-char was finished up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before I could get a snapshot!!

Vegetarian shark's Fin is my all-time favorite. Us three siblings always fight for it. Guilt-free [no animal abuse] and healthy [because I get to add a lot of vinegar!!!].

I can have this shark's fin for three meals, whole month in a row man. Damn awesomez. ^_^

Okay to be fair. The above dish supposedly look nice. But... it was messed up with a spoon.

Can't remember who, but it was SWAAAAAA!! slashed open before I could get the picture. So yeah. But you can see that the gravy looks good.

Despite being relatively-regular customers, there's always some new dish to try at the restaurant. The only dish I'd discourage would be fried cereal prawn because it's not their strongest dish.

So anyway, they recommended this fried prawn lychee dish that tastes good too. It's a really surprising combination, but very refreshing. LOVE!!

And here's the break down of what it comprises -

Now you see it.. now it's....

A little sad, because the portion is just nice, one per person. Another one of those dish I can eat consecutively for days.

Then the curry. *not interested* because I can't eat spicy stuff.

My butt says it is!! ...if you know what I mean. HAHAHA.

And to be adventurous, my brother ordered Tako. So basically it's made up of two layers. The bottom half is like our.. Nata de Coco. Then the top half is solid coconut pudding. It's very sweet la, and I'm not a big fan of it. 

And you know how it's not polite to not finish your food? So I secretly flip it over. So it looks like I finished it! *chuckles*

Also a bottom view if you want to learn how to fold it la hor.

Last desserts dish, my favorite!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this!!! Sad also, each person one bowl, so no photo of the huge bowl, and no refill for me. #FirstWorldPain

And here's the information of the vegetarian restaurant! 

282 Jalan Besar Singapore 208925

Please note ah.. There are some restaurants with similar names. But they are not as good. So don't go to the wrong place!

If you google that restaurant, you may find the other address at 153/155 Kitchener Road Singapore 208528.  Please note!! That's their previous outlet! They've moved to Jalan Besar!! So there's only ONE New Fut Kai restaurant!!

Okay. Going to blog the other half of this entry tomorrow! (: